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Why Attend Workday Rising 2013

Jul 16, 2013 News & Events

Have you imagined walking across a 1.7 mile passage looking down at the Pacific Ocean? And then realizing you are on a bridge? The Golden Gate Bridge that is. San Francisco is home to the Golden Gate Bridge, and its home to Workday Rising 2013.

Over 350 global organizations make up the Workday community. These organizations range from financial, health, retail to government and non-profits. Approximately 75 percent of the customer community participated last year. Why? Because Workday Rising is an experience that allows you to understand Workday’s best practices, network with peers and thought leaders, and heighten your Workday experience with in depth sessions! 

  • Workday Rising consists of four session-filled days where you can focus solely on Workday principles. Since Workday experts will be at the conference, you can provide direct feedback to Workday leaders and help shape the future of Workday. Also, by sharing your ideas and experiences, you can further strengthen the Workday community. Having one-on-one time with these thought leaders allows your questions, concerns, and ideas to be heard. 
  • Networking Opportunities: One of the greatest benefits of attending Workday Rising is the opportunity to network with fellow peers. Workday Rising has networking opportunities available each night. Starting with a kickoff welcome reception and wrapping up with the final Workday party. There are chances for each person in your group to have fun and feel welcomed. Along with dinners and parties, there are sessions each day to mingle with other citizens of the cloud. Inside each session lie networking opportunities.  Today, more than ever, it is important to meet and follow up with new connections. These relationships are heightened with social media venues like Twitter and LinkedIn that not only expand your presence in the market, but also your company’s expertise. These opportunities allow you to create beneficial connections with your peers from across industries and regions. 
  • Working Rising offers more than 175 sessions, offering you the chance to learn the advanced techniques your peers are using. You can hear the latest on Workday applications, get hands-on experience with new features and functionality, and discover tips and tricks to get the most out of your Workday applications. These in-depth sessions heighten your total experience. After your sessions, you are able to return to the office with new knowledge that will increase your overall Workday ROI. 

Attending Workday Rising offers opportunities to: gain insight into the upcoming year’s trends, understand the Workday platform on a greater level, network with like-minded people and see a famous city. So, whether or not you want to walk around the famous bridge, or see Dave Duffield talk in the flesh, Workday Rising may be the place for you. To find out where to locate OneSource Virtual at the conference, or for more information about Workday itself, contact your Workday experts today! 

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