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We’re in this Ecosystem Together - Congratulating the Competition

Sep 28, 2016 News & Events

We’re in this Ecosystem Together - Congratulating the Competition

There have been many changes recently with the Workday partner ecosystem, and by now you’ve heard the news at Workday Rising about Accenture’s acquisition of DayNine. HfS noted the shift happening this year and predicted that the consolidation would continue.

I would like to personally extend congratulations to Accenture and DayNine on behalf of OneSource Virtual. The acquisition represents the type of investments that are vital to successful business relationships for Workday and the depth of support that customers expect. High-caliber partnerships and collaborative efforts strengthen the ecosystem as well as the market in which OneSource Virtual thrives.

It’s an exciting time to be a Workday partner. We look forward to a continued strong growth trajectory with an eye toward the future.

Brian Williams

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