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The Benefits of Attending HR Conferences

May 31, 2013 News & Events

Attending a conference can take a big bite out of your budget – airfare, hotel accommodations, registration fees, meals and lost time at work all have to be taken into account.  However, it can also provide a lot of valuable information, which could increase you and your company’s profitability.  So, when considering whether or not you should attend a Human Resource conference, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind.

  1. Knowledge and Skills to gain: Most conferences offer multiple sessions and round table discussion led by thought leaders regarding related topics, trials and solutions. Learning new ideas in the Human Resources field can help your business succeed to greater levels, such as finding new ways to cut costs and gain important leadership skills. 
  2. Networking Opportunities: One of the greatest benefits of attending a HR conference is the networking opportunity with fellow peers. Today, more than ever, it is important to meet and follow up with new connections. These relationships are heightened with social media venues like Twitter and LinkedIn that not only expand your presence in the market, but also your company’s expertise. These opportunities allow for direct exposure to consultants, analysts, partners, and prospects alike, to develop lasting relationships in the industry.
  3. Insight from Peers: HR conferences are swarming with peers that offer thought leadership into the world of Human Resources. This is the ideal situation to find in which you can collaborate to solve similar problems. At HR conferences, you have the opportunity to speak face-to- face with other individuals in the industry who are sailing on the same waters and working through the same issues as you. Seize this chance to gain insight from fellow industry navigators and become a captain yourself.

The benefits of a Human Resource Conference will make you and your business more marketable in the industry. Conferences such as: HR Tech, SHRM, and Workday Rising are where your employees can gain these valuable lessons. For more information on conferences OneSource Virtual will be attending, contact us today! 

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