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OSV 2015 SHRM Wrap-Up

Jul 24, 2015 News & Events

OSV 2015 SHRM Wrap-Up

Another SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition is in the books. This year, the Las Vegas Convention Center hosted SHRM’s congregation of more than 20,000 attendees, an attendance pool so vast it technically designated the conference as the fifth largest city in the state of Nevada.

As always, the event provided attendees new methods and means of managing HR talent and the business processes associated with nurturing a dedicated workforce. Among the always impressive assortment of tools and techniques for measuring performance and improving productivity, there was a relatively new and noticeable attention to maintaining employee wellness and well-being. 

Working Well
SHRM 2015Being mindful of your health while “on the clock” has evolved from a trend to a necessity. Healthier, more active employees are statistically happier, more productive and can help reduce company health care costs. Companies selling treadmill desks and nap chairs (exactly what the descriptions imply) shared floor space with more traditional HR services vendors raffling off Fitbits. 

Voluntary Benefits
The HR industry has seen a rise in non-traditional and elective benefit plans in recent years. Employers are realizing that complementing standard benefits packages with once-unconventional forms of coverage provide incentives that are flexible to employee’s individual needs. Voluntary benefits such as pet insurance, identity theft coverage, financial counseling services and critical illness plans allow employees to use their employer as a bridge to specialized benefits they might not otherwise have access to.

Leadership and Motivation Take Center Stage
SHRM is always overflowing with learning opportunities. Much of the discussion, on stage and off, revolved around how to make impactful improvement to your organization as a whole and not just grow within your team or department. 

SHRM 2015As always, the conference’s keynote speakers offered invaluable insight into bringing out the best in yourself and others. Mike Krzyzewski, the winningest coach in NCAA history, gave a rousing presentation on leadership technique. Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MCNBC’s Morning Joe, presented an inspiring lecture on how to leverage personal value to get the most out of life and career. Dr. Mehmet Oz encouraged HR specialists to help their employees realize the benefits of health and wellness. And best-selling author and business consultant Marcus Buckingham examined how job performance informs and enhances an employee’s overall contentment in the workplace. 

With keynote addresses jumpstarting our internal engines and exhibitors recharging our energy level, SHRM 2015 gave us plenty of fuel for the year to come.

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