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OSV 2014 IHRIM Wrap-Up

Jun 09, 2014 News & Events

It’s official. The 2014 HR Technology conferences have begun. IHRIM officially kicked off this week to a large group hungry for more knowledge and ideas. 

Advancing HR Technologies Through the Cloud

Our very own President and COO, Wesley Bryan, introduced the IHRIM keynote speaker, Jason Averbook. His presentation shed light on a large issue that everyone in the HR industry deals with- the paradigm shift in the market. Companies can no longer operate with legacy systems and multiple integrations, but are looking for a system that can improve efficiencies via cloud applications. The way HR delivers services has to change. Innovation will not slow down and wait for HR to catch up. Constant advancement is important. 

So how can companies continue to improve antiquated systems to operate in a more swift way? The cloud. The beautiful thing about this paradigm shift is that Workday is already ahead of the curve. Workday’s SAAS based applications allow real time analytics virtually anywhere in the world.  

Mobile First HR

Another important area that Jason touched on is mobile-friendly capabilities. No longer do HR directors have to be in their office every day to recruit. Constant modernization and innovation has given us mobile recruiting and HR now has the ability to hire anytime and from anywhere. Time zones and geographical barriers are a thing of the past, and the best and brightest employees can be sourced across the globe.

OneSource Virtual is excited to have been a part of yet another successful event. We were able to speak to hundreds of HR Technology professionals about the innovative solutions provided by OneSource Virtual, and demonstrate how our cloud-based delivery on the Workday unified platform lessens risk while reducing cost and administrative burdens. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth. It was a pleasure to meet and talk with you.

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