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OneSource Virtual Sessions at Workday Rising

Aug 22, 2013 News & Events

Workday Rising is a gathering of the Workday community for a time of collaboration and celebration. With over 3,500 cloud citizens congregating for one common goal, many ideas will be shared. Sessions are an ideal way to gain insight about all the functions the Workday platform has to offer, as well as troubleshoot any difficulties you might be experiencing. OneSource Virtual will be one of the strategic Workday partners presenting sessions at Workday Rising. 

Keeping up to Date-- Best Practices for Small and Mid-Sized Customers 

Workday introduces powerful updates with useful new features every four months.  In this session, discover how a panel of production customers took steps to establish a repeatable update process.  Learn more about their strategies for staying up-to-date on new features, preparing for each update, performing regression testing, and planning for deployment of new features.  Hear from OneSource Virtual’s VP of Customer Operations about the top 5 best practices for an update.

Utilizing Projects in Workday—Alone or in Conjunction with Financials

Learn how to successfully utilize Projects in Workday, a feature that is included with Workday HCM. View a live demo that will show how Projects allows you to track work, assign resources, track time budgeted vs. time spent, and even view project profitability within the Workday platform.

Adoption is NOT an Option

Join us as we provide information on our one-of-a-kind User Adoption program and how it will increase productivity post- implementation. This session will include discussion on the four key elements to successful adoption of technology: what/why, how, incentives and accountability. In addition, it will touch on OneSource Virtual’s various training techniques enlisted to pique user interest on new technology.

A Deep Dive into US Healthcare Reform With Workday Benefits Administration

This session will cover the Workday features built in W20 and W21 to help customers deal with PPACA - (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) a.k.a. United States Healthcare Reform. 

Want to know more about these sessions? Stay tuned for short podcasts explaining why you won’t want to miss any of our sessions and the benefits you will receive. OneSource Virtual looks forward to meeting you in San Francisco for a Workday Rising of a lifetime! 

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