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Jul 16, 2012HR Outsourcing

What is Cloud Sourcing?

What is Cloud Sourcing?

Mid-market companies looking for IT solutions ask, "What is cloud sourcing?" You see and hear the term cloud sourcing everywhere. Is cloud sourcing the right solution for your enterprise? Is it a passing fad? The latest IT craze?

Simply put, cloud sourcing is the delivery of outsourced IT assets through a cloud-based, or internet, platform. Rather than investing in hardware, software, and special IT support staff for every application used to run businesses processes on site, the application is outsourced through the cloud. You avoid the large capital outlay and on-going expense associated with keeping every process in-house.

Traditional outsourcing of IT functions has this same advantage. So what is cloud sourcing’s advantage over traditional outsourcing? There are two generally accepted advantages to cloud sourcing: accessibility and scalability.

Cloud sourcing allows access through the web, which means virtually anywhere. If you set up a new office anywhere in the world, if you have Internet access, you can access your application. In some cases, your business process software can be utilized through wireless devices such as tablets and smartphones. Imagine being able to update payroll information from remote work locations anywhere in the world.

The second advantage of cloud sourcing, scalability, allows your application to grow as your enterprise grows. Expanding simply means utilizing more of your vendor’s server space. If you must contract, you scale back on the amount of server space. The process is seamless and quick.

An example of cloud sourcing available for HR business processes is OneSource Virtual. OneSource Virtual pioneered a new industry standard as the first organization to offer business process cloud sourcing services on one, simplified platform. As the only reseller in the world for the Workday enterprise system, OneSource is the mid-market solution for the sale, implementation, and delivery of Workday services.

If you are still wondering, “What is cloud sourcing,” participate in a live demo of Workday.