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Jun 21, 2018HR Outsourcing

Take the Pulse of Your Business Processes

Take the Pulse of Your Business Processes

How to Maximize Your Workday Investment With AMS, Part 8

Routine checkups are critical if you want to be proactive about your health. And the same is true for organizations that want to be proactive about how they’re using Workday. Just like a doctor offering prescriptive solutions for improving your health, a knowledgeable application management partner can use routine health checks to help you analyze your organization’s business processes and governance model, and help you chart a path for making improvements.

For this last installment of our eight-part series on Application Management Services, we want to focus on two types of health checks that Workday customers should research and take advantage of, if they haven’t already: Governance Health Checks and Workday Health Checks.

Define Your Organization’s Governance Framework

Your governance model defines user roles and responsibilities for people within your organization, providing structure as well as checks and balances. In many cases, organizations new to Workday can leverage an existing model rather than creating a new one. But that’s not always the case.

If your organization needs help defining a new one or updating an old one, an experienced application management partner can leverage their knowledge of today’s leading practices to help you implement the right framework, ensuring your HR and Finance teams are aligned and empowered to help you maximize the value of your Workday investment.

Enhance Your Workday Suite’s Operating Effectiveness

Once your organization has been live on Workday for awhile, and your team has grown more proficient with it, periodic Workday Health Checks will be essential for evaluating the health of your business processes and integrations. An experienced application management partner offering post-deployment support can take on this time-consuming task and create a comprehensive plan for optimizing and enhancing your current processes.

Healthy Business Processes Contribute to a Healthy Business

For organizations that have invested in Workday as the new way of doing their business processes, making sure that investment is healthy is about as important as going to the doctor every year for a checkup. To learn more about either of these health check solutions and the benefits that come with them, download our datasheets for Governance Health Checks or Workday Health Checks.