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May 17, 2018HR Outsourcing

Performance Management: How to Keep Your Team Afloat

Performance Management: How to Keep Your Team Afloat

How to Maximize Your Workday Investment With AMS, Part 7

Organizations accomplish their goals through the hard work of their individual members. That’s why it’s important to have a good compensation strategy for rewarding employees. But there’s more to talent management than just compensation. Other talent management processes are just as crucial to the health of your organization.

Leveraging Workday’s robust talent management system, organizations are more equipped than ever before to understand their workforce, their industry and their organizational performance. Whether you’re building an inventory of top talent, looking for gaps, planning for succession, soliciting feedback via survey or trying to connect your employees with internal mentors, it’s all possible with Workday.

But if your organization isn’t equipped with the time or expertise to give these processes the attention they need, your team might feel like their drowning. Turning to an application management partner offering performance management solutions for Workday can be like throwing your team—and your business—a much-needed life preserver.

5 Ways To Align Your Organization and Workforce With A Workday Partner

1. Design and Distribute Goals to Your Employees

This is where the performance management process begins—with the creation and distribution of a goal-based development plan for your employees. With an application management partner’s help, you can design and distribute the goals that will help you measure the objectives and performance of your workforce.

2. Automate Your Performance Appraisal Processes by Implementing Templates

Manually controlling evaluation processes can take an incredible amount of time, especially for larger organizations. Save time and reduce headaches by automating your performance appraisal processes with templates for a variety of stages, including goal setting, mid-year status updates and annual reviews.

3. Build an Employee Talent Inventory and Look for Skill Gaps

Do you know what talents each of your employees have, and are they deployed where they can really impact your organization? An employee skill inventory gives you visibility into your team’s work experience, education and more so you can not only understand what each of your employees brings to the table, but you can also see where you should invest more.

4. Communicate Effectively About Employee Performance

With Workday, how you distribute or solicit performance-related feedback is up to you. An application management partner can help you configure your Workday suite so that you’re communicating as often or as little as necessary to operate effectively and achieve personal and corporate goals.

5. Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Compensation Strategy

As we mentioned in our previous blog, building a compensation strategy belongs under the talent management umbrella. But how do you know if your compensation strategy is working? An application management partner can help you build custom reports focusing on key compensation metrics and performance goals so that your organization’s leadership can determine what, if anything, needs to be refined or reevaluated.

Rescue Your Team with Robust Performance Management Solutions from an Experienced Workday AMS Partner

When it comes to configuring your Workday applications to align them with your performance management process, the stakes are high. If your human resources department feels like its drowning because of a lack of time or lack of expertise, an experienced Workday service partner can help your team stay afloat by configuring your Workday’s performance metric tools to fit your organization’s business strategy.

Download this data sheet to learn more about Performance Management. You can also listen to this webinar to learn more about how Application Management Services can help you get more from your Workday investment.