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People Drive Technology, Not the Other Way Around

Dec 18, 2017 HR Outsourcing

People Drive Technology, Not the Other Way Around

Throughout December, we’re looking back at many of the blogs we published in 2017. So far, this has included a roundup of our Culture in Action profiles, as well as the blogs that mattered most to our readers.

Today, we’re looking back at pieces that address in some way a common anxiety about the the disruptive power of technology. What each of the five blogs below emphasize is that people are—and will always be—essential to your organization. They also emphasize the importance of having a partner that truly values your people and strives to understand your culture.

Does Your Workday Benefits Partner Understand Your Team?

Understanding what makes your company different is obviously important, but especially when looking for a Workday partner to manage benefits administration. Just as important, though, is finding a Workday Benefits partner as dedicated to understanding those differences as you are.


3 Ways AP Automation Equips Employees for Success

At a time when people are understandably concerned about the impact of artificial intelligence and automation, it’s important to remember that tools like AP automation can equip employees to work smarter by taking on tedious manual processes, freeing them to focus on more strategic—and more meaningful—work.


A Single System. A Seamless Employee Experience

A Workforce Administration service that combines Workday’s single system of record with a regional help desk and employee self service capabilities empowers employees. This serves to improve internal perceptions of the HR organization, and the company as a whole. As a result, employees enjoy a continuity of service, and companies see increased levels of job satisfaction, improved employee retention rates and a higher quality of job performance across the organization.


Why Shared Services Matters for HR

Today’s companies need HR to be present and ready to solve problems quickly. And while automation certainly enables HR to do this, in the end, people will always be at the heart of your organization. Ensuring that your employees are engaged and satisfied, and that you retain top talent, will always come down to the people—and the partners—helping you on the frontlines.


3 Questions CFOs Should Ask About Automation

The rise of automation has, understandably, made people anxious. But as history has proven, automation doesn’t mean less work. Instead, it creates opportunities and leads to innovation. Keeping that in mind will help you future proof your Finance solution while giving your workforce the freedom to do things they’ve never done before.


The pace of technological innovation won’t be slowing down anytime soon. That means people will be thinking about the intersection of technology and work well into 2018 and beyond. But as the blogs above demonstrate, technology is a tool. It frees employees to work more efficiently and strategically, creating new avenues for opportunity and growth.

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