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Apr 17, 2017HR Outsourcing

Optimize Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Optimize Your Digital Transformation Strategy

On April 12, the Leading Edge HR Network (LEHRN) held their 2017 HR Tech Expo in St. Paul, Minnesota. OneSource Virtual was among the many organizations exhibiting. We were also honored to be one of their 2017 Shopper Track Solution Presenters.

If you missed the 2017 LEHRN HR Tech Expo or the Shopper Track presentation about digital transformation, consult to operate for Workday and BPaaS, keep reading to learn more about what the expo’s visitors took away from the presentation.

What Is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation integrates digital technology into every aspect of an organization with the goal of fundamentally changing how it operates and how it delivers value to customers. The consult to operate for Workday model is a key driver of digital transformation. Aided by Business Process as a Service (BPaaS), consult to operate for Workday leverages the cloud to provide streamlined delivery of services to customers. With BPaaS and consult to operate for Workday working in concert with one another, they prove definitively that lift-and-shift outsourcing’s time in the spotlight is over.

The consult to operate for Workday model is made up of five components that include design, deploy, maintain, operate and optimize. Why are these five stages important? Organizations are able to:

  • Leverage the cloud for more efficient and streamlined services to the Workday application, with no third-party integrations
  • Become more strategic as routine, transactional tasks are automated
  • Gain ongoing support, maintenance and optimization to take advantage of Workday capabilities

BPaaS: Optimizing Workday

The operate stage of consult to operate is crucial. The automation of repeatable, transactional tasks removes administrative burdens. Without operate, employees must remain focused on running the Workday application. This hampers an organization’s ability to realize the true value of their investment. Instead of having an experienced team to assist them, your employees must use their time learning the ins and outs of Workday. What’s more, losing any of your team may critically challenge your organization.

A Better Digital Transformation Strategy

With traditional outsourcing’s future in question, an organization delivering BPaaS and a consult to operate for Workday model is more equipped to provide efficiencies and cost savings that will help customers over the long term.