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Nov 12, 2014HR Outsourcing

Open Enrollment - End Users

Open Enrollment - End Users

Open Enrollment – End Users

Open enrollment can be a challenge. It has its ups and downs and can be a daunting process for both the company and its employees without proper preparation. Not to mention balancing the costs of insurance and Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements with the desire to provide your employees with the best possible options. It can give HR departments major headaches. But with careful planning, the stress of open enrollment can become manageable. Here are a few tips for keeping your next open enrollment running smoothly:

Create Open and Consistent Communication

Communication is essential to keep your employees informed. One of the most efficient ways to accomplish this is to plan communications following the 90-60-30 rule. Communicate 90 days before open enrollment begins explaining what is coming and possible changes. At 60 days, send a reminder notification. By day 30, send a final alert to prepare employees for the process. 

Utilize Technology

The cloud offers remarkable access to your data and documents without the burden of paper copies. By using technology to your advantage, you will make the open enrollment process effective and easy. The Workday application makes the enrollment process both automated and self-service for employees lessening the chances of lost documents and improper submissions.  

Pick the Right Plan

There are multitudes of plans available to employers. Companies are no longer beholden to a few large insurers. Having the right benefit plans can make a real difference when it comes to retaining your current employees, hiring a great candidate from a competitor, or losing a potential candidate to a competitor with a better benefit package.

Whether you’ve performed dozens of open enrollments or it is your first time, rest assured that with communication and planning in place you’ll be set up for success!