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Feb 07, 2018HR Outsourcing

NelsonHall NEAT Report Names OneSource Virtual a Payroll Outsourcing Leader

NelsonHall NEAT Report Names OSV a Payroll Outsourcing Leader

People always want to know what's next. A prime example of this is the great fanfare that often greets the latest consumer technology. Just look at Apple and their dedicated following. But this isn't just true for people who want the latest and greatest smartphone. It's also true for human resources business leaders tasked with finding payroll outsourcing services that will deliver scalability; flexibility; cost and capabilities benefits; technology investments that improve processes, promote growth and extend the reach of their team; create a great customer and employee experience; and fit culturally with their own organization.

Tall order? Absolutely. Attainable? Yes. But finding a provider that delivers strong payroll outsourcing, especially Workday payroll outsourcing, means relying on good third-party research from global analyst firms. And for leadership in this position, NelsonHall's latest Payroll Services NEAT evaluation is an invaluable tool, both for what it says about the payroll services market and for evaluating OneSource Virtual as a payroll outsourcing partner.

Leader in Overall and Technology & UX Focus Market Segments

We're pleased that NelsonHall, the leading global, independent BPO research firm, has recognized our efforts in their Payroll Services NEAT for the Overall and Technology & UX Focus market segments. Among the report's highlights, NelsonHall points to these strengths:

  • OSV offers a very flexible solution, able to accommodate customers of all sizes
  • The largest payroll outsourcing service provider operating from the Workday platform, with 35 percent Workday client penetration and up to 60 percent of Workday Payroll customers
  • Its strong partnership with Workday and a combined go-to-market strategy allows OSV to leverage the success and momentum which Workday has gained in recent years
  • Limited infrastructure costs and high automation in the system leads to significant cost benefits to the client, for the delivery of BPaaS services. The high levels of automation also mean that OSV does not have to take advantage of wage arbitrage; it has all employees based in the country which they service

We believe the factors contributing to NelsonHall's ranking of OSV as a Leader in the Overall and Technology & UX Focus market segments include our exclusive focus on Workday service delivery, our investment in technology, partnerships that expand services and customer reach, and a focus on our customers' experience.

Dedicated Workday Service Provider
We occupy a unique position in the Workday ecosystem. OSV became a customer, and then a Workday Service Partner, in 2008, and we've remained dedicated to Workday customers in the decade since. During that time, we've invested in the people and the technology that ends the lift and shift tactics of traditional outsourcing and fully transforms the business model through BPaaS. In addition, customers can access a full-service payroll solution that includes business payroll and service-level payroll processes to payroll taxes and garnishments.

Investment in Automation that Creates Customer Efficiency
We understand that one of the reasons customers outsource is to gain access to technology investments they would otherwise have to make on their own. It's a cost-effective solution that allows for innovation, a more level playing field and creates better process efficiency that frees their own teams to focus on work that is more analytical and strategic. Another factor contributing to our high rankings is our flexible service delivery model, which is scalable to customer size and needs, and is underpinned by that same technology.

Partnerships that Deliver Value
The global payroll market is growing, and cloud transformation is maturing. Because today's workforce is often more spread out and more diverse, global payroll will continue seeing growth in 2018 and beyond. That, in turn, will put even more pressure on organizations to invest in cloud technologies like Workday, which make it easier to serve those employees and give them the experience necessary for staying competitive.

Since this is the future, leaders who are actively searching for payroll outsourcing services will want to pay special attention to those organizations that are investing in that future. >OneSource Virtual and CloudPay provide an end-to-end, managed global payroll and HR administration solution specifically for Workday. It enriches the organization by providing a seamless approach and single governance model that supports global employee populations, creating an exceptional team experience.

Prepared to Lead Now and in the Future

As our CEO, Trey Campbell, remarked, "OSV's ranking on NelsonHall's most recent Payroll NEAT is a testament to the skilled payroll professionals delivering consistent, quality work, and to the dedication of the whole team to help customers by driving better business outcomes and, ultimately, better experiences. We view our leadership position as validation that our comprehensive offerings have raised the bar in payroll outsourcing services."

By seeking the best for our customers, we've not only raised the bar in payroll services, we're well positioned to continue leading as the technology around payroll outsourcing improves and evolves.

Download the NelsonHall NEAT Evaluation for OneSource Virtual Payroll Services to learn more about OSV's impressive ranking.