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May 19, 2020HR Outsourcing

You’re Not Alone – Navigate Project Roadmaps With a Partner

You’re Not Alone – Navigate Project Roadmaps With a Partner

As we adjust to what is our new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations have an opportunity now to plan for projects that might otherwise face delays because of competing priorities.

Even if your roadmap is just in your mind and not on paper, an application management partner can start working with you now to prepare for a wide variety of projects, from gearing up for the next Workday release to changing the frequency of your payroll.

Release Management Isn’t a Sprint, It’s a Marathon

Whether you’re new to Workday or you’re an experienced user, having a partner to help you with release management is crucial to taking advantage of each Workday update.

Workday releases two updates per year, each one containing hundreds of new features and functionality.

The first update of 2020 was on March 7 and the second is scheduled for September. That may seem like plenty of time to prepare, but it’s amazing how often organizations are caught off guard by the next update and have to scramble to get a plan together.

But preparing for a Workday update wasn’t meant to be a sprint. It should be more like a marathon, where you know what goals you’re trying to achieve, and you can create a plan for accomplishing them in a manageable way.

As we get closer to the next update, the right partner will have a thorough understanding of all new features and will be able to analyze your tenant, make recommendations and complete the configurations and testing necessary for adopting those features. This can help any organization:

  • Reduce capacity challenges
  • Approach each Workday release more strategically
  • Gain additional knowledge of Workday and its capabilities
  • Maximize their Workday investment
  • Use purchased AMS hours

Plan Ahead to Prepare for a Pay Frequency Change

Is your organization considering a pay frequency change for employees? Organizations change their pay frequencies for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To comply with state requirements
  • To account for a new collective bargaining agreement
  • To improve the efficiency of some accounting tasks

Effective dates of Jan. 1 and July 1 are the optimum times for these changes. By using these dates, you reduce or even eliminate adjustments to your associates’ pay.

But there can still be a number of items to consider and plan for. For example, frequency changes like semimonthly to bi-weekly can impact not only your compensation but can also affect benefits and accounting modules as well.

If you’re considering a payroll frequency change, the right partner will know what questions to ask to help you strategically approach your project.

OneSource Virtual Is Here for You

A lot of organizations are operating at reduced capacity right now, and many who are still working are working from home. Because Workday is cloud-based, Workday users can access this powerful software from where they are.

If you don’t already have an application support team at your side, OneSource Virtual is ready to help. Our Application Management Services team is always working hard to support our customers, and especially now. Contact us if you need help with any Workday projects during this time.