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Apr 30, 2018HR Outsourcing

Minding Your Business Without Monitoring Your Integrations

Minding Your Business Without Monitoring Your Integrations

How to Maximize Your Workday Investment With AMS, Part 5

Multitasking is a routine part of doing business. But the science about it is pretty clear—it’s a bad idea. Multitasking is mentally taxing and inefficient. You may feel more productive, but there’s a good chance you’re not working as effectively as you think you are.

The same can be said when your team has to split its attention between their core responsibilities and monitoring Workday integrations. If your team spends too much time away from what they were hired to do by managing complex connectors, the organization can fail to meet its goals.

But the reverse is also true. Your organization deployed those third-party vendor applications because they could support your business goals. Maybe Workday’s ability to connect seamlessly with a number of third-party applications is one of the reasons you selected it to begin with. But if those integrations are not working the way they should—or if they are taking up too much of your time to keep them working—you’re not getting the most from your investment, and your team’s performance or employee experience, may be affected as well.

Support Your Team and Your Business With Integrations Monitoring

This is the fifth blog in our eight-part series on Application Management Services. If you’ve read any of our four previous AMS blogs, you know how instrumental a service partner can be in helping you get more from your Workday investment.

With integrations monitoring, the dilemma posed at the beginning is solved. While your team focuses on their core responsibilities, a certified, experienced Application Management team will monitor your integrations and effectively troubleshoot and solve any issues. They can also collaborate with your team to deploy any new integrations as your business needs change. 

Application Management Services Empowers Organizations to Compete and Succeed

Making sure your Workday connectors stay connected is just another element of having a well- optimized tenant. It can be difficult for small or medium-sized organizations to compete with companies with more resources. Integrations monitoring by itself won’t turn the tide, but when it’s combined with a comprehensive approach to Application Management, it can help smaller companies using Workday create a more level playing field. When organizations have an experienced service partner in their corner, they can redeploy their internal resources where they’re most needed at the moment.

To learn more about integrations monitoring, download this data sheet. You can also listen to this webinar to learn more about how Application Management Services can help you get more from your Workday investment.