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Oct 19, 2020HR Outsourcing

Is Your Global Payroll Solution Too Scattered to Be Effective?

Is Your Global Payroll Solution Too Scattered to Be Effective?

Organizations, like people, can experience pain, even if the nature of that pain is entirely different.

Similarly, businesses, like people, may prioritize a quick fix over a comprehensive solution that provides long-term relief.

But the best thing to do is try to understand the reason for that pain and apply the most targeted treatment possible.

And one area where this is especially true for businesses is in the area of global payroll.

Traditional Global Payroll Is a Headache

Most companies operating on a global scale have to rely on multiple payroll vendors and platforms because it’s just too expensive to have an in-house payroll team in every country.

But this creates some big problems, starting with the number of contracts—and all of those different renewal dates—that you have to manage. Having multiple vendors also means multiple integrations. And all of this can be further complicated by how many employees you have in a given country, whether it’s just five or as many as 5,000.

But the biggest problem of all is that there’s no single source for truth.

After a while, this way of approaching global payroll just isn’t sustainable, especially if you’ve invested in Workday for the express purpose of having a unified system of record.

Relieve Your Pain with a Unified Global Payroll Solution

The truth is, you can’t solve scattered processes with a scattered solution.

What you need is a unified global payroll solution that will:

  • Eliminate the need for multiple payroll vendors and platforms
  • Free employees from having to manage multiple contracts and updates
  • Give leaders one source for truth and empower them to make more informed and strategic decisions

Download our white paper to learn more about what a unified global payroll solution for Workday should look like, including the four most important qualities it should offer.