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Apr 03, 2017HR Outsourcing

Improving Human Capital Management with Technology

Improving Human Capital Management with Technology

Before the rise of the internet and computer technology, business—like politics—was local. But as technology has evolved, the world has shrunk. Meanwhile, global players boasting large corporate offices have seen their teams grow and spread out around the world.

As this has happened, the burdens placed on human resources departments have also grown. And not just because those organizations have more people to manage. The technology behind human capital management has been slow to change. Many companies rely either on legacy on-premise systems, on SaaS applications with more patched-together integrations than Frankenstein’s monster, or on traditional lift and shift outsourcing, which may soon face fresh legislative challenges.

Cleaning Up Technology’s Mess with Workforce Administration for Workday

But while outdated technology turned workforce administration into a nightmare with disparate systems and duplicate data, technology is also solving the problem. With the advent of an HCM application like Workday, and the creation of service delivery through Business Process as a Service (BPaaS), legacy systems have never looked more like the slow, cumbersome boogiemen that they are, while traditional lift and shift outsourcing now looks about as cutting edge as a floppy disk.

Meanwhile, Workforce Administration for Workday has modernized, and even transformed, the role of the HR administrator. Teams no longer have to spend the majority of their time stuck on administrative duties, like filling out stacks of forms or populating endless spreadsheets. With the right Workforce Administration partner, today’s HR professional can be more like HR analysts, using HR data, reporting and analytics to track trends, identify best practices and improve internal processes. As a result, your team will be empowered to be a more efficient and strategic partner within your organization.

Has technology propelled your business onto the world’s stage but left your HR team with the old headaches associated with human capital management? A Workday partner offering Workforce Administration understands how technology can function as the solution to the very problem it helped create.