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Sep 04, 2020HR Outsourcing

How to Be Prepared for Any Workday Release

How to Be Prepared for Any Workday Release

One of the most exciting benefits of deploying Workday is that every Workday customer is always running the latest version thanks to two big updates every year.

But taking advantage of the hundreds of new features that come with each update does take some preparation.

Regardless of the features that become available, here are three ways that you can always be prepared for any new Workday release.

Leverage the Resources That Are Already at Your Fingertips

Workday Community is a valuable resource for Workday customers. And prior to every update, Workday always provides a wealth of information to help their customers learn about the new features that are coming, as well as important dates to be aware of, and much more.

If you haven’t already reviewed and/or bookmarked the 2020R2 Preparation Center, we highly recommend that you do so as it provides so much information. And going forward, you’ll want to do the same with the preparation centers for each new update.

Have an Experienced Partner to Provide Support

Whether you’re preparing for a Workday update or just dealing with everyday issues, having a partner can make a real difference for your business. Especially when that partner is dedicated exclusively to Workday as both as a service partner and end user, and when that partner offers a release management service to help you fully reap the benefits of each new update.

Partners bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the services they offer—services that, by design, will help you maximize your investment and give your employees more time to focus on other critical tasks.

Optimize Your Workday Experience with Periodic Health Checks

And speaking of services, one of the most beneficial ones that a partner can offer is regular Workday health checks.

With periodic health checks, your partner reviews the health of your applications and processes to help you enhance your operating effectiveness. Health checks will also help you catch issues related to security or your integrations ahead of a Workday update to prevent any delays in taking advantage of the new features you want to utilize.

Learn More About the Latest Workday Update

With strategic planning and the help of an experienced partner, you’re in a great position to take advantage of the new features available with each new Workday update.

To learn more about what specifically is changing in 2020R2, watch this webinar breaking down some of the most exciting new features to be aware of.