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Feb 28, 2020HR Outsourcing

Global Payroll Solutions You Didn’t Know Existed

Global Payroll Solutions You Didn’t Know Existed

For organizations operating on a global scale, global payroll is a real and ongoing challenge.

Often, it seems like there are only two real options to choose from: You can spend resources to stand up a payroll team in every country where you have employees, or you can hire multiple third-party, in-country payroll partners.

The first option is not only expensive, it’s impractical, even for large organizations. It’s fine if you have hundreds, or even thousands, of employees concentrated in one place, but what if you only have a few hundred employees spread out across 20 countries? Are you really going to put a dedicated payroll person in all of those countries?

The second option—hiring a series third-party service partners—appears to overcome the challenges posed by standing up your own team. But it also creates a series of new problems:

  • You have to manage contracts for all of your different partners, and those contracts will all have different terms and lengths.
  • It can be difficult to find a partner willing to service small employee populations.
  • Scattered payroll processes and disparate data streams limit your ability to gain real insights into your company and its performance.

What’s missing from the conversation so far is a third option, one that takes advantage of the cloud to centralize and standardize global payroll processes and prevent the need for multiple partnerships, giving leaders the visibility and control they lack in the process.

To learn more about this third option and how it can help you leverage Workday as a true global system of record, download this webinar, “Global Payroll Solutions You Didn’t Know Existed.