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Mar 10, 2015HR Outsourcing

Five Signs Your Organization Needs a BPaaS Provider

Five Signs Your Organization Needs a BPaaS Provider

Has your organization recently deployed a cloud HCM solution? Or, are you considering purchasing a SaaS HRIS to help maximize your results? You may want to consider a BPaaS provider to assist with your HCM needs. BPaaS stands for Business Process as a Service, and it is, at it’s core, the delivery of automated business processes through cloud- hosted networks. If your company is dealing with the following issues day-to-day, BPaaS may be a good solution:

  1. Ineffective Processes - Business processes should contribute to achieving company goals and objectives without adding unnecessary activity. But the reality is that functional silos exist, and processes become cluttered and inefficient. Add a new product or service to the mix, and issues compound quickly. When you engage a BPaaS provider, you gain real visibility into your business processes, and the ability to streamline and deploy more efficiency within your operations. The result? Increased productivity.
  2. Burdensome Administration - While some administrative activities are necessary, there are certain industries and departments who seem to experience an overabundance of paperwork. The bottom line is your      organization can’t benefit from dynamic employees who are caught in monotonous tasks. A BPaaS provider can provide relief from labor-intensive duties through automated services and streamlined processes (see above) that free your resources to function strategically.
  3. Versioning Nightmares - ERP is a huge job, one that can be increasingly frustrating when support expires on your version and your return on investment is limited to 5-7 years. BPaaS providers can help you deploy solutions that keep your company running on the latest code lines while extending your ROI.
  4. Aggressive Scaling - Rapid growth is a great thing, except when you're attempting to scale operations and deploy assets at a breakneck pace. BPaaS is highly scalable, and a BPaaS provider can offer your organization the speed and agility it takes to go to market faster.
  5. Underutilized Functionality - If you’ve already deployed a SaaS back office solution, are you getting the support you need to learn and grow into the software? Not only do you have to consider the current functionality of your solution, but future upgrades you may need and updates pushed out with new modules. A BPaaS provider can provide basic guidance, configuration assistance and ongoing optimization support. And, when updates occur, there is a team of experts behind you to learn the new functionality and help you determine what you need and what you don't.

Is BPaaS the right choice for your organization? We hope that the points above will help you decide.  Do you have a question or opinion about BPaaS and the services your organization needs the most? Leave us a comment. 

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