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May 05, 2017HR Outsourcing

Equipping HR for Success – 3 Steps to Making HR a More Strategic Partner in Your Organization

3 Steps to Making HR a More Strategic Partner in Your Organization

For human resources departments everywhere, one of the great benefits of a SaaS solution like Workday, when paired with a Workday services partner, is the potential for turning HR into a more aligned and strategic partner within an organization.

The question is, how exactly do you do this? On a practical level, what steps can an organization take to transform HR into that vital business partner they have the potential to become?

Below are three steps that can help your organization turn this goal into a reality.

It Starts With the Top

As with other key company initiatives, executive leadership has to be involved with workforce administration decisions, especially when there isn’t a chief human resources officer to take control and advocate on HR’s behalf. When executives at the very top are fully engaged with their human resources team, they understand the daily challenges of HR administration and will be invested in alleviating such burdens.

HR Technology Is Vital

Support from an organization’s leaders isn’t the only essential component. Creating an empowering employee experience by leveraging the right HR technology is also crucial. Dated legacy solutions and traditional HR outsourcing methods make it difficult to automate routine processes. Visibility, transparency and control are also compromised. But when services are delivered through the cloud, organizations retain control and gain visibility and transparency that yield valuable insight. What’s more, routine processes throughout the employee life cycle can be automated, freeing up your team to focus on more strategic activities, such as process optimization and long-term improvement projects.

Use Workforce Administration to Delegate Routine Tasks

As important as executive buy-in and new technology are, it takes more than that to turn your HR department into a truly strategic partner. This is where a service like Workforce Administration comes in. Workforce Administration lets your team delegate routine administrative tasks, such as onboarding/offboarding, employee data management, updating records and life events, to a dedicated partner. As a result, your HR team can focus on strategies and assignments that contribute to the larger objectives of your core business.

Is your human resources department already a strategic partner within your organization, or is there room for improvement? For most organizations, it’s the latter. But with a few practical steps, it’s possible to make what can often feel like an abstract goal into a reality.