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Mar 22, 2017HR Outsourcing

Does Your Workday Benefits Partner Understand Your Team?

Does Your Workday Benefits Partner Understand Your Team?

No two companies are exactly alike. This is true even of competitors specializing in the same area. They may be similar in some respects, but have surprisingly different cultures, for instance, or be structured in different ways.

Understanding what makes your company different is obviously important, but especially when looking for a Workday partner to manage benefits administration. Just as important, though, is finding a Workday Benefits partner as dedicated to understanding those differences as you are.

Companies of All Sizes Are Looking for More Help with Benefits Administration

Companies are increasingly turning to employee benefits administration partners for help managing their Workday Benefits application. And maybe yours is one of them. If it is, choosing a partner that will take the time to thoroughly understand your business and listen to your people is important.

For example, does your Workday services partner know the best way to communicate with your employees? If your people are sitting at a desk all day, an email may work just as well as a phone call. But for someone driving a truck, cleaning a hotel room or working in a factory, sending an email is a much less efficient way to deliver timely answers or distribute important information about employee benefits.

A Workday Benefits Administration partner that thoroughly knows how your employees work, and communicates with them the right way, is a partner dedicated to giving your team a great customer experience. And that helps you just as much as it helps them. Great employee experiences help companies retain talent and preserve overall job satisfaction. What’s more, a partner dedicated to understanding how your people work will provide a level of service that feels organic to your company, as if that partner was a part of your own team.

Choose Your Workday Benefits Partner with the Future In Mind

With the changes coming to today's U.S. healthcare laws, it's more critical than ever to have a benefits administration partner that will understand how to implement those changes in Workday. Choosing a proactive partner that helps increase efficiency and mitigate risk through expertise is a wise move. What matters next is making sure that your partner is truly invested in understanding how it can effectively serve your people once those changes take place. Those conversations should happen well in advance of those changes, so that everyone is prepared for the possible outcomes.

In a time where the intersection of technology and talent seems to make HR a little less human, there’s always room for a personal touch. Great customer service always starts by understanding the customer, as well as the customer’s employees.