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Mar 13, 2017HR Outsourcing

Does Your HR Team Have Time to Be Strategic?

Does Your HR Team Have Time to Be Strategic?

Think of all the tasks you face with benefits administration—onboarding new employees, processing life events or simply answering questions about your company's benefits. Individually, these tasks may not be that time consuming or inconvenient. But pile them on top of each other and you have a schedule that leaves little room for anything more strategic.

Companies using Workday for their employee benefits administration should look for a partner that can help them relieve the burden of these daily tasks.

Below are five things your team can concentrate on with their newfound free time.

Research New Employee Benefits and Benefits Providers

Most businesses consider employee benefits essential for attracting and retaining talent. Employee satisfaction with company benefits is also critical, as is controlling the costs of those benefits. But when your day is centered around the tactical and transactional tasks of benefits administration, there's little time left for researching new providers or looking at what your competitors offer their employees. Having a Workday services partner who will take over those tasks frees you to do the strategic legwork necessary for improving your company's employee benefits.

Meet with the Decision Makers in Your Company

Just as researching new benefits and providers takes time, so does organizing that information and presenting it to the decision makers in your company. Having a Workday services partner you can lean on for the day-to-day tasks of benefits administration will give you the free time to lead those essential meetings.

Build Better Relationships with Your Colleagues

When you're buried under a mountain of daily administrative work, it's very easy to become siloed. But having a Workday Benefits partner frees you to build bridges with others. Whether you're spending more time with coworkers or actively working with other departments to improve your company's culture, it pays to know—really know—the people you work with every day.

Looks for Ways Your Organization Can Give Back

No matter how large or small your company is, looking for ways to make a difference in the community is important. It not only says something about what your company stands for, it helps employees feel more engaged with their work, and its helps with your company's overall goal of attracting and retaining the best talent. While your Workday Benefits partner helps you shoulder the burden of employee benefits administration, you have time to look for ways your company can be a good neighbor.

Take That Lunch Break You Never Get to Take

Remember lunch breaks? And not the kind where you just step away from your desk to heat up your leftovers. We're talking about the kind where you and some of your closest work friends actually leave the office for an hour. Besides giving you a chance to socialize, breaks like these can boost your productivity, your energy levels and your creativity when you're back at your desk.

There's no denying that the daily tasks around benefits administration are important. But if those tasks are keeping your team from more strategic work, it's time to find a Workday partner that can take on some of those tactical and transactional burdens of benefits administration, and let you use your resources to your advantage.