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Feb 06, 2019HR Outsourcing

Payroll’s Connection to the Employee Experience

Payroll’s Connection to the Employee Experience

The connection between payroll and the employee experience isn’t a one-way street.

On the one hand, there’s the obvious truth that a good employee experience is one in which workers are paid accurately and on time.

But organizations also have to think about how they’ll create a good employee experience for their payroll employees (in addition to making them more productive).

Companies that genuinely care about this topic—and ideally that would be all companies—have to tackle both ideas to be successful. And one of the best ways to do this is with a payroll service partner.

How a Payroll Service Partner Improves the Employee Experience for Everyone

Payroll employees know that not every task associated with payroll processing is strategic. There are many tasks, from loading pay data files (EIBs) to calculating payroll and more, that can be handled just as easily by a partner as they can by an in-house payroll team.

When this happens, your team has more time to audit the results to ensure that payroll is being processed accurately. They also have time to work with internal stakeholders on process improvements—critical work that benefits everyone in the organization.

How a Payroll Service Partner Improves Payroll’s Employee Experience

In addition to giving payroll employees more time to audit payroll and work on process improvements, having a payroll partner leaves your employees with more time for training and mentorship opportunities, increasing their expertise and their value to the organization that employs them.

Organizations that value innovation and competition should take note. Today’s highly-educated, highly-skilled workers want to be challenged, and they want to acquire the expertise that will help them thrive over the long term. Partnering with a payroll service provider helps them do that.

Empower Your Payroll Team to Be More Successful

Forward-thinking companies know the value of creating a good employee experience—and payroll teams absolutely play a role in that by ensuring that payroll is being processed accurately and by working internally to improve processes.

But companies also have to be aware of payroll’s employee experience if they want to prevent their talented, educated employees from striking out for greener pastures.

A payroll service provider helps with both of these by freeing them to work more strategically and pursue activities that will make them more valuable partners, now and in the future. To learn more ways to free up time for your people resources, read Robots Are Your Friend.