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May 15, 2017HR Outsourcing

Can Global WFA Break the Chains of HR Burden?

Can Global WFA Break the Chains of HR Burden?

Most human resources departments spend more time on workforce administration (WFA) than they do on activities that would make them a genuinely strategic partner within the organization. Even when HR professionals are equipped with a powerful Human Capital Management (HCM) tool such as Workday, they can still end up spending a significant amount of time managing employee data and serving as an informal, in-house employee self service center for non-HR employees using Workday to track time and projects. Research shows, however, there’s a positive connection between economic growth, profit margins and a laser-focused HR department.

An HR outsourcing solution to offload some the most time-consuming tasks, like filling out forms and populating spreadsheets, is one of the best ways to relieve these HR administration burdens. But traditional lift-and-shift-outsourcing is by no means a comprehensive solution; it’s more like a Band Aid, and not a particularly effective one.

A better solution is to invest in the right technology—a SaaS solution like Workday, for instance—and then find a service partner to help you use this technology to give your organization a seamless, satisfying employee experience.

But how do you know if your HR outsourcing solution is comprehensive enough to effectively relieve administrative burdens?

Four Questions to Ask When Looking for a Comprehensive WFA Solution

Does this solution provide my organization with a single system of record?

When all the tasks associated with employee data management and HR administration are scattered across multiple solutions, everyone in the organization feels the strain, not just HR. But having a single system of record for every aspect of the employee life cycle makes life easier for HR, and it contributes to a more satisfying employee experience overall.

Does this solution give me access to Workforce Administration services on a global platform?

As important as a single system of record is, it takes more than this to have a truly complete solution. The system you choose has to be flexible enough to grow with your organization, whether that growth is local or global. You also need an outsourcing partner with the resources, not to mention the expertise, to deliver services and support to your team no matter where they are.

Does this solution include employee data management support?

A Workday service partner that offers Workforce Administration services that include employee data management support can provide assistance beyond simple Help Desk requests. Organizations benefit from the expertise of their service partner while retaining control over how their HR processes access their data.

Does this solution give me the ability to integrate and support a multinational workforce and global payroll through HR shared services?

Global workforce administration makes it possible for your organization to use the same employee data, or data from integrated systems, across Workday’s different HCM applications. This prevents the need for multiple employee records, and allows service providers to store and access employee data from a single source.

With Workday and Workforce Administration, You Can Free HR from the Burden of HR Administration

Following this strategy, it’s possible to transform your HR professionals into HR analysts who are equipped to track trends, identify best practices and improve internal processes. A comprehensive solution will free your team from time-consuming HR administration so they can focus on where and how to equip employees for success. As a result, they’ll be free to act more strategically, while the rest of your team will enjoy a more satisfying employee experience.

To learn more about the benefits of a comprehensive HCM and WFA solution, read our white paper, How Global Workforce Administration Turns HR Administrators into HR Strategists.