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Apr 06, 2018HR Outsourcing

Building a Strategic Roadmap for Workday Optimization

Building a Strategic Roadmap for Workday Optimization

How To Maximize Your Workday Investment With AMS, Part 3

There’s a saying that the only constant in life is change. It might be trite, but it’s true. And it applies to organizations just as much as it applies to people. Every year, business leaders look at the year ahead and make choices based on what happened last year. Similarly, the technology that keeps the business world humming is always evolving, forcing organizations to reevaluate how they’re using it.

With all this in mind, we’re using the third blog in our eight-part series on Application Management Services to look at strategic roadmap planning—what it is, and why it’s an ongoing activity rather than something you do just once.

Every Workday Customer Needs A Roadmap From The Beginning

Why do organizations deploy Workday? Often, it’s because they know it will help them achieve better business outcomes. But if your HR and Finance strategies aren’t aligned with the way you’re using Workday, you’re not really seeing the true value of your investment.

When you partner with a Workday consultant to build a strategic roadmap, you can be confident that your Workday Adoption Blueprint activities will be aligned with those strategies. And in the process, your partner may identify specific services and solutions that will contribute to those outcomes you deployed Workday to achieve.

Updating Your Roadmap To Keep Your Business On The Right Track

As we said in the beginning, change is inevitable for businesses and technology alike. Creating a roadmap at the start of your Workday adoption journey is critical, but so is optimizing it over time to account for any changes to your organization’s HR and Finance strategies. And with two Workday updates every year, Workday customers have another reason to revisit their roadmap on an ongoing basis.

Completing this work internally can leave your team with less time to do the work that will actually drive your business forward. An experienced Workday service partner will leverage their deep domain experience with roadmapping and Workday’s application suite to help you monitor and refine your roadmap. Meanwhile, your team can be redeployed to focus on the work that aligns with your company’s business goals.

To learn more about strategic roadmap planning and how Workday optimization can benefit your organization, watch this on-demand webinar or download the data sheet.