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May 10, 2017HR Outsourcing

A Single System. A Seamless Employee Experience.

A Single System. A Seamless Employee Experience.

Employee data management and the HR administration processes associated with human resource planning are crucial functions for any organization, regardless of size or scope. These WFA-related concerns are especially important today as enterprise cloud technology makes it easier for businesses to operate around the world, and to employ workers wherever the market demands.

Using different solutions to record, track and update the employee life cycle makes it difficult for a global workforce to have a consistent employee experience across systems. This can have a negative impact on everything from employee performance and team productivity to department morale and talent retention. It also makes HR’s job harder and prevents them from operating strategically and efficiently.

SaaS HCM solutions such as Workday provide companies with a unified interface that accesses a single system of record for onboarding and offboarding, employee data management, recording life events, and much more. As a result, your workers enjoy a consistent employee experience. Meanwhile, for HR, pairing this single system of record with a Workforce Administration (WFA) partner lets HR delegate many of the routine administrative tasks associated with employee data management. As a result, HR can focus on strategies and assignments that contribute to a company’s larger objectives.

Who Benefits From a Single System of Record?

Here’s how a Global Workforce Administration solution built around a single system of record helps everyone within an organization:

Employee Self Service

A Workforce Administration service that combines Workday’s single system of record with a regional help desk and employee self service capabilities empowers employees. This serves to improve internal perceptions of the HR organization, and the company as a whole. As a result, employees enjoy a continuity of service, and companies see increased levels of job satisfaction, improved employee retention rates and a higher quality of job performance across the organization.

Employee Performance Management

A major aspect of a people manager’s job is setting and developing employee performance goals. Whether their employee sits across the hall or halfway across the planet, using a single system to communicate goals and timeframes, and monitor and track employee performance, provides people mangers with a uniform process that promotes fairness, efficiency and consistency.

Employee Data Management

A single system of record allows for optimal data integrity. This provides directors a more accurate and comprehensive view of how their department as a whole is performing. Their offices may be in different time zones, but their benchmarks are comparable. This allows a department head to make more strategic decisions about processes, operations and forecasts.

Human Resource Planning

A single system of record provides HR with the tool it needs to have both a granular and a high-level view of the entire organization. But the system itself doesn’t free HR to be more strategic. Having a WFA partner gives HR the freedom to be more strategic with their human resource planning, and to truly leverage a powerful system like Workday for the benefit of their organization. Imagine using consistent and accurate data to build future plans by creating a truly predictive view of your organization’s needs. That’s what you can do with a single source for your data.

Employee Life Cycle

Having their entire company’s global workforce data consolidated within their HCM application gives executives access to a broader view of their people, processes and operations. The ability to rely on a single system for complete enterprise reporting and analytics adds efficiency and clarity to key decision-making.

When an organization, especially a multinational enterprise, collaborates with a Workforce Administration partner, it doesn’t just benefit human resources, it improves the entire employee experience. Adding a Workforce Administration partner enhances these benefits and highlights just how flexible and powerful a single system like Workday can be.