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Jan 14, 2019HR Outsourcing

5 Ways To Help Your Payroll Team Be More Strategic in 2019

5 Ways To Help Your Payroll Team Be More Strategic in 2019

Individuals aren’t the only ones with New Year’s resolutions. As human resources leaders think about the months ahead, they may have departmental resolutions in mind as well. HR and payroll, for instance, are integral parts of every organization. But your payroll team may not be the strategic partner it could be because of repetitive manual tasks and outdated processes.

That can change, though. Anyone who has successfully kept a New Year’s resolution knows that sometimes all it takes is a few careful decisions to make a big goal feel manageable. That’s why we’re using our first blog of 2019 to highlight five real steps you can take to help your payroll team become a more strategic partner this year.

1. Find an Experienced Payroll Partner

To be strategic, teams have to have enough time to take on those strategic initiatives. Moving repetitive manual and administrative tasks to an experienced payroll service partner is one of the best ways to do this. The right payroll partner can serve global organizations of every size and industry, and offer comprehensive, scalable support to take on more or less work depending on the organization’s needs over time.

2. Update Existing Payroll Processes to Increase Efficiency

Processes that worked yesterday aren’t guaranteed to work tomorrow, or next month, or next year. Organizational goals change with time while evolving HR technologies introduce new efficiencies or create new processes. Payroll optimization consulting from a trusted, experienced Workday service partner can help your team improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your payroll team’s operations by identifying the processes or legal risks your organization needs to address.

3. Leverage Health Checks to Align Your Applications With Departmental and Organizational Goals

In addition to optimizing specific payroll processes, organizations should also consider a broader Workday health check. Routine health checks help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your applications across the board, not only aligning them with your company or team objectives but also helping organizations enhance the value of their Workday investment.

4. Stay Up to Date on Your HR Technology’s Newest Features With Release Management

Organizational goals and processes change, but so does your HR technology platform. For example, twice a year, Workday releases two comprehensive updates, adding new features and functionality to an already long list of what their application suite can do. Most companies don’t have the resources or the infrastructure in place to research, evaluate and configure the most beneficial new features—including features that could benefit your payroll team—completely on their own. A Workday service partner offering post-deployment application support can through a release management service.

5. Be Open to New Solutions Like Robotic Process as a Service

As technology evolves, new solutions are guaranteed to come along. In 2019 and beyond, one of the most exciting new developments for payroll, and human resources more broadly, is Robotic Process as a Service (RPaaS). RPaaS leverages RPA and the concept of a digital workforce to help organizations redeploy existing employees to focus on work that requires analytical thinking and problem solving—some of the most important skills for any payroll employee in 2019.

Equip Your Payroll Teams for a Successful 2019

If your organization is looking for ways to make departments like payroll a more strategic and productive partner, now is still a great time to be considering your options. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is leverage a service partner, if you’re not already. HR technology optimization is also another strategy, as it can reveal where processes can be improved or eliminated altogether. Whatever your situation, the five recommendations above can help any organization with big goals for their payroll department in 2019.