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Jun 20, 2017HR Outsourcing

3 Ways WFM Makes HR More Strategic

3 Ways WFM Makes HR More Strategic

For an organization to achieve its short and long term goals, each department has to be able to work cohesively, efficiently and strategically. The trouble is, real world complications make it difficult for every department to operate exactly as it needs to. You only have to look as far as HR to see how true this is. With all the administrative tasks HR has to deal with, operating efficiently and strategically can be difficult.

But OneSource Virtual (OSV) believes that freeing HR from most administrative burdens will let them become the strategic partner they have the potential to be.

To help HR become more strategic, OSV offers end-to-end solutions for Workday’s full suite of applications. And with a new partnership between Equifax Workforce Solutions, OSV can now provide customers with an innovative Workforce Management solution.

Through Workforce Management, OSV and Equifax can help customers:

Verify Income and Employment

A life event for an employee translates into administrative work for HR. That’s true whether an employee is getting married and moving to a spouse’s medical insurance, or whether an employee is applying for credit or a loan. In the latter examples, the employee’s income and employment have to be verified. In a small business, completing these verifications may not be that time consuming. But in medium and large enterprises, income and employment verifications contribute to the mountain of administrative work that can prevent HR from becoming more strategic. OSV’s new partnership with Equifax Workforce Solutions uses The Work Number to take the administrative burden of income and employment verifications away from your team so they can focus on more strategic activities.

Manage Unemployment Claims

Processing unemployment claims is another time-consuming task that can distract your HR team from playing a more strategic role in your organization. Having a partner to shoulder this burden can reduce your team’s workload by 30 percent, and will let you shift your focus away from managing the process to managing the outcome.

Identify Job Candidates Who May Qualify Your Organization for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

According to the United States Department of Labor, the WOTC is for employers who are committed to promoting diversity by hiring individuals from groups that frequently face barriers to employment. However, for the organization to benefit from this tax credit, individuals must be identified before hiring them. As with income and employment verifications, and the unemployment claims process, identifying potential employees for the WOTC takes time away from more strategic activities that HR can be engaged in. Through OSV’s partnership with Equifax Workforce Solutions, we can take on that burden for you.

Equipping HR to Become More Efficient and Strategic

For your organization to succeed, it’s important for every department—including HR—to be able to act efficiently and strategically. A partner that is equipped with an innovative Workforce Management solution makes this possible. To learn how OneSource Virtual and Equifax Workforce Solutions can help, visit our new Workforce Management landing page.