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Your 2019 Open Enrollment Checklist

Jul 12, 2018 HR Outsourcing

Your 2019 Open Enrollment Checklist

Hitting your benefits enrollment deadline is vital for ensuring your employees don’t experience any complications with their benefits package. After all, no one wants to be told there’s a problem with their health coverage when they’re standing in their doctor’s waiting room or picking up a prescription from the pharmacy.

That said, the work associated with the open enrollment period is time consuming—especially for your human resources department. Rates for existing insurance plans must be updated, and integrations for those switching to a new human capital management provider must be built and tested, all before Open Enrollment to ensure your employees have a seamless, satisfying experience.

As you count down the days to OE, it’s a good idea to have a checklist like the one below to help you get everything done on time and reduce stress or avoid any “gotcha” moments.

  • Determine health plan(s) to be offered.
  • Determine employer contribution schedule for health, dental and vision plans
  • Obtain any necessary board approvals
  • Complete the Pre-Enrollment Form and return it to your Benefits Advisor
  • Schedule enrollment meetings internally and with your Benefits Advisor
  • Make sure you have received new enrollments, including qualifying life events
  • Distribute employee benefits announcements, materials and notices
  • Determine how enrollment will be collected (online member self service, HR entry online or paper)

Using an Open Enrollment Checklist Now Will Help You Avoid Unpleasant Surprises Later

Every organization wants to create the kind of employee experience that will help them attract and retain the best people, and offering health insurance and other employee benefits is one way of doing this. But to make sure that experience is complete, organizations must also do everything they can to avoid unpleasant surprises that could leave their people vulnerable. Following this checklist is one way of making sure your people (and your HR technology) is fully prepared and configured for this year’s Open Enrollment period.

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