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Apr 26, 2017Finance & Accounting Services

Innovation, RPA and the Customer Experience

Innovation, RPA and the Customer Experience

How Does OneSource Virtual Approach New Programs and Solutions?

We have 10 Values that apprise our outlook as an organization and guide our conduct as individuals. One of those values is “Innovation is the rule.” OSV is also a Workday platform customer, and we were dealing with the same processes around invoice intake as other Workday Financial Management customers. Three years ago we started thinking about how to further automate procure to pay. We already had our proprietary technology that drove HR BPaaS processes. We started to ask if we could leverage it for financials.

Why Is OSV's Early Adoption of Workday Important to the Customer Experience?

Change is a part of who we are. We were Workday customer number 67, and we’ve been adding to the suite ever since. We deploy our own solutions and the customer experience we deliver grew naturally out of our own development. AP Automation was no exception. We realized that we wanted to take it a step beyond Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and create a service that would put our customers ahead with the Workday application they already had in place.

Robotics Process Automation seems to be a buzzword lately. Can you talk about why it’s so important?

In a world were 80 percent of invoices are still paper, one of three things had to happen. One, you beef up internal staff to handle mundane transactional tasks that weren’t very valuable or rewarding. Two, you bought expensive Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software that was either separately maintained or had to be integrated to your system adding to confusion and errors. Or three, you used a traditional, lift and shift model to get some relief from administrative and cost burden but control and transparency went with it. Robotics Process Automation (RPA) changed all that, and we’re able to automate transactional tasks with very little human supervision and do it within a unified system of record. Internal teams don’t go away, but they do get assigned to actual, value-added projects that move the needle for your organization such as reducing days to close or improving internal processes.

Why Did Financials Become a Priority?

As a company that has been exclusively Workday since 2008, we knew we had to take it outside the box. Workday customers are on one of the most advanced ERP cloud technologies ever developed. Object oriented, closed ecosystem, limited partners. We needed to make a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. To take two things great on their own merits and pair them together, seamlessly, like they were meant for each other. People still don't believe that we can take paper invoices, extract the relevant data, pair POs, apply a coding rule for the spend category and Worktag, and then create that invoice in Workday. But we can. Using RPA it’s all rather simple, which was the goal. And there it was. Chocolate and peanut butter.