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Aug 28, 2017Finance & Accounting Services

3 Ways AP Automation Equips Employees for Success

3 Ways AP Automation Equips Employees for Success

While people will always be at the center of your organization, new tools—like AP automation—can do more than simply help you save money. If you’re committed to equipping your people with the financial management tools they need to be more productive and strategic, then AP automation should be on your radar.

But how, exactly, can automating your accounts payable workflow make a difference for your team? Here are three ways AP Automation equips your employees for success:

  1. By balancing employee workload
  2. By facilitating adjustments to staffing changes
  3. By leveraging real-time reporting within financial management Applications

Let’s examine each one in detail.

AP Automation Helps Growing Companies Balance Their Employees’ Workloads

A growing business is obviously a good thing. But the more successful an organization is, the more invoices there will be. If your organization is growing faster than your team, your existing employees may feel worn down by the manual processes associated with accounts payable invoice processing. By automating those processes, you will ease the repetitive and transactional burden they pose for your employees on a daily basis.

AP Automation Helps Companies Adjust to Staffing Changes

AP automation can also help you with the challenges that arise when someone on your team leaves. This happens every day, and for a wide variety of reasons. But regardless of the reason, the rest of your team might quickly find themselves underwater. AP automation can help your employees regain control of their workload without the challenges posed by rushing to fill one or more empty positions.

AP Automation Helps Your Team Take Advantage of Workday’s Real-time Reporting

If your team is spending all their time keying in invoices, AP automation can make a tremendous difference. Besides automating a time-consuming—and tedious—process, you’re freeing your AP team to become more strategic partners. Workday’s Financial Management Applications give you unprecedented insight into your organization with comprehensive, real-time reporting. When your team isn’t spending all day manually entering numbers, they can be analyzing that data and helping you make important decisions.

Help Your Employees Work Smarter, Not Harder, with AP Automation

At a time when people are understandably concerned about the impact of artificial intelligence and automation, it’s important to remember that tools like AP automation can equip employees to work smarter by taking on tedious manual processes, freeing them to focus on more strategic—and more meaningful—work.