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Aug 21, 2017Consulting & Deployment

Why Post-Deployment Consulting for Workday Works

Why Post-Deployment Consulting for Workday Works

When you hear about post-deployment consulting for Workday, what do you think of?

Some might think immediately of post-production support—or Application Management Services, as it can also be called.

But post-deployment consulting is actually quite different because it involves the implementation of new Workday applications within a customer’s existing Workday suite. Did you know that 61 percent of high-performing Workday customers deploy new features and functionalities at least once a quarter? This makes deploying Workday and managing it afterward a critical element of your HR strategy.

It’s important that organizations understand the difference between post-deployment consulting and application management when you consider how many of them would benefit from completing additional deployment projects.

Enhancing the Workday Suite with Post-Deployment Consulting

When you’re preparing to implement Workday, a good rule of thumb is to begin with the end in mind. That means having a roadmap.

But not every organization is able to launch everything they want to launch in their initial deployment. Sometimes this is for budgetary reasons and sometimes it’s because of their Implementation timeline. In either case, post-deployment consulting gives Workday customers the opportunity to implement additional applications from their roadmap in the months or years after their initial go-live.

In other cases, customers might look back at their initial deployment and wish they had implemented certain applications that they ultimately didn’t. The principle here is the same. Leveraging Workday’s flexibility, customers are able to deploy additional applications with the help of a Workday consultant. And in both cases, they’re able to see a greater ROI.

Going Live Really Isn’t the End

Whether you have a detailed roadmap you’re trying to realize, or you have identified applications you should have deployed earlier, post-deployment consulting exists to help customers use Workday in a way that truly works for their organization.