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Three Ways Optimization Consulting Helps You Review What Works

Mar 17, 2016 Consulting & Deployment

Three Ways Optimization Consulting Helps You Review What Works

Buying your first house is an exciting time. You do your research on neighborhoods, talk to mortgage companies, look at several choices and ultimately choose your first home. Once you sign a contract and start to move forward, you quickly realize there are still many unknown costs and concerns ahead. So you decide to make the process as simple as possible, you use the furniture from your parent’s basement and delay the bathroom remodel you had planned. You can make do with some stuff from your past and move in “as is.” You are just excited to hurry up and move in.

The same is true for the deployment of HCM solutions. Stay with me here.

Where’s the ROI?

You did your research and chose the technology that is going to bring your HR team to the next level. As with buying a house, there are still many unknowns, so you decide to simplify the deployment. You use the same processes that you have used for the last 20 years. You rely on a small team to become subject matter experts and train everyone else. You just want to launch your new solution. Then, after a year of existing in that “lift and shift” style, you realize that you are not experiencing the expected return on your investment. It may be time for an optimization review.

Revisit What Works

An optimization review provides a holistic view of your HR and finance functions and gives you an opportunity to identify gaps and possible solutions across people, organization, process, and technology. When you first moved to your new HCM solution, you decided to keep the same business processes. While this philosophy let you quickly implement the technology, it did not allow you to maximize the technology for optimal use. Your HCM solution’s efficiencies can enable your HR team to become strategic but first the right business processes must be in place. Optimization consulting can help align your business processes with the technology and ensure that the system is working for you, not the other way around.

1. Move Away from Manual Processes

In an effort to keep the implementation simple and affordable, you may have utilized workarounds. Unfortunately, the result is that a year has passed and you are still using manual processes. An optimization review will identify the inefficiencies of your manual processes and provide guidance on how to eliminate the workarounds.

2. Get to Know Your Knowledge Gaps

During implementation, you made the decision to train a small team to become your HCM solution subject matter experts but turnover has left you with a significant knowledge gap. Now a few people are responsible for answering questions for your entire organization, or employees are trying to resolve issues without any background. A systematic optimization consultation will identify knowledge gaps and propose training solutions designed to share the responsibility for maintaining the technology and drive user adoption.

3. Identify Areas for Optimization

You need to know where you will have the best potential for improvement and where optimization will have the greatest benefit. A top-to-bottom excavation of every single process is inefficient at best. By the time you finish reviewing, it’s time to review again. Instead, focus on key areas most impacted by change. When an organization deploys a new solution or redefines its business needs, changes are most noticeable in the HR, Payroll and Finance departments. Evaluating optimization opportunities in these departments will help you expedite the review process and retain the overall benefits of a comprehensive analysis.

Growing Pain Points

Sales cycles and implementation processes focus on the current needs of your organization at a given time. Now time has passed, your organization has grown and you are ready to expand the capabilities of your HCM solution. An optimization review can look at current state and future state and provide guidance on how to achieve that desired future state using leading practices. Wouldn’t it be nice if all new homebuyers could have an optimization review too? 


Sue Gallagher

Sue Gallagher is OneSource Virtual’s director of solution management. Sue is based in Maryland with her husband and four kids. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling. Like, a lot of travelling. Her family has been to all 50 states, 49 in an RV.

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