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Feb 15, 2017Consulting & Deployment

Workday AMS: 3 Benefits of a Proactive Partner

Workday AMS: 3 Benefits of a Proactive Partner

The Workday application is a powerful HCM and Financials tool right out of the box. But it's not a one size fits all solution. Depending on your industry, the size of your enterprise and your plan for strategic growth, a variety of things should be considered or configured so Workday performs optimally. This is why Workday application functionality and features are configurable. It allows you to make it your own.

But while this might account for the bulk of what an AMS team does, it shouldn't account for all of it. An AMS partner providing Workday support that is fully engaged with their customers will also look for opportunities to operate proactively, before minor issues become full-blown problems. This demonstrates not just that they understand how their customers use Workday, it also shows that they’re watching out for their customers, even when there isn’t an open ticket to be addressed. Here are just a few ways an AMS team can take the reins when providing Workday support to their customers:.

1. Open Enrollment Assistance for Workday Application Management Services

Open enrollment provides Workday AMS team members with a perfect opportunity for reaching out to existing, or potential, Benefits customers. Steering employees through the open enrollment process can be difficult. Organizations rely on their AMS providers to help them understand the path they will need to guide their employees down for a successful enrollment period.

2. Year-End Workday Support from AMS

Just like open enrollment, the end of the year provides AMS teams with another opportunity for anticipating what customers need. But not every organization uses the Workday application in exactly the same way. Reviewing a customer’s account with them before a new year arrives will help to ensure that their specific setup won't be affected when the clock hits midnight on Jan. 1.

3. Helping Customers Understand the Impact of a Merger or Acquisition

Unlike the two examples above, a merger or acquisition isn't something you can typically mark on a calendar. Nevertheless, moments like these still present AMS teams with an opportunity to dynamically engage with customers. Workday AMS providers can reach out to their customers and review their Workday application with them, looking for integrations that may be affected in the future. Helping customers make the appropriate changes ahead of time will let them avoid serious headaches in the future.

An AMS team focused on solving problems and responding to tickets is doing exactly what you would expect them to do. But is that all you want from your Workday Application Management Services partner? A partner that understands your business and how you use Workday is better equipped to help you reach your corporate objectives, both now and in the future.