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Jun 12, 2017Consulting & Deployment

The Right People at the Table

The Right People at the Table

Once you’ve decided to move to Workday, and your organization has prepped to deploy Workday , it’s time to sit down with your Workday implementation partner and craft a project plan. The question now is: Who are you inviting to the table to plan the crucial stages of deployment?

By now, you’ve designated a key point person to manage the project from your side. Now you need a team for that person to lead. You’ll need to identify the people within your organization who possess key knowledge that will help make the implementation run smoother. Yes, even Gary. He eats soup for breakfast, wears bolo ties to important meetings and after working with him for nearly 14 years, you are quite confident that his wife and family are intricately constructed figments of his imagination. Still, no one knows the ins and outs of your benefits offerings like Gary. If you’re planning to deploy the Workday Benefits Administration application as part of your full HCM solution, Gary needs to be a VIP guest at the deployment table with his brain full of benefits knowledge and his ThunderCats thermos brimming with breakfast soup. Believe us, it’s for the best, deep down in your heart you know it’s true.

While Gary is an obvious choice, you may need to evaluate your staff, review roles and responsibilities and reconcile them with the processes improved by Workday to determine who will be part of the internal deployment team. As you begin assembling your team, asking the right questions of the right people will go a long way toward determining who will be joining Gary as part of your internal Workday implementation team.

Is Your Internal Workday Implementation Team Experienced and Empowered to Make Decisions?

The team collaborating with your Workday implementation partner should be composed of people who have a comprehensive understanding of your company’s data, processes and policies, and possess the ability to influence change. Again, think of which processes will be impacted by the deployment. Gary is your benefits guru, but who is equally skilled and familiar with your financial management processes? Which HR administrator has every policy and procedure memorized to a frightening degree? Which payroll specialist can recite tax tables in their sleep? Is this type of behavior healthy? Does your company’s medical benefits cover work-related night terrors?

Nonetheless, this type of deep core knowledge is only a portion of what your internal implementation team needs. They’ll also need to be able to persuade and sway opinion. The phrase “knowledge is power” looks good on a bumper sticker, but your implementation team should be made up of employees who are empowered to make decisions, or at the very least have influence over those who can.

Is Your Workday Deployment Partner Committed to Creating a Team That Understands What Makes You Unique?

No organization is exactly alike. Your culture is unique, and you have your own reasons for choosing Workday. Your Workday deployment partner should take these factors into consideration when assembling the team that will be working alongside yours for the duration of the Workday implementation. Your Workday service partner should pair you with a deployment team that understands your culture, work ethic and functional expectations for Workday, and be willing and able to deliver on all fronts.

Does Your Internal Workday Implementation Team Have a Super Cool Code Name?

Yes, you need to have the right people at the table at the right time. Your Workday implementation partner needs to know when to ask the right questions. They need to have the expertise and experience to help you manage expectations and turn unforeseen obstacles into impromptu opportunities. But what’s equally important is that your company’s team adopts a wicked awesome code name for the duration of the Workday implementation process.

This crucial step will create a strong sense of camaraderie and fellowship amongst your coworkers and increase the likelihood of a successful Workday deployment by at least 472 percent.* Here are just a few examples of some really mega-boss Workday implementation team names:

  • The Ultra Dangerous Cobras
  • Zeta Squad X
  • Phantom Force 44
  • Dragon Warriors From the Bizarro Dimension
  • The Spice Girls

*Not a guarantee.

The Right Workday Implementation People Are Your People.

Deploying Workday takes time, and building a good relationship with your deployment partner is vital for making the entire project a success. Your Workday services partner should understand your culture and make the transition to ongoing service as smooth as possible. Just as important, is the creation of an internal team that is experienced and empowered to make decisions. These decisions include, but are not limited to, which is the cooler internal Workday deployment team name: “Specter 7” or “The Workday Implementation Zoo Crew?”

Asking the right questions before kicking off your Workday implementation will ensure that you have the right people, even Gary, leading you as your deployment begins and is brought to fruition.