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Aug 25, 2016Consulting & Deployment

Why Reinvent the Workday Deployment Wheel? The Benefits of Configuration Over Customization

The Benefits of Configuration Over Customization

Customization is a good thing, right?

Absolutely…until, suddenly, it isn’t. And when it comes to deploying a new HCM or financials system, the costs of customization—literally and figuratively—add up quickly.

Traditional business process outsourcing (BPO) is built on customization. This sounds like a benefit, until you consider how much time customization takes and what it costs.

With customization, predefined services have to be retrofitted to perform as you need them to. This requires significant coding. Your existing integrations must also be modified to work with your new system. All of this work comes with a price tag, of course, and the longer it all takes, the more it all costs. Additionally, the restrictions that customization places on your system may lead to added expense and frustration later when you want to make changes.

Now consider how a configurable system like Workday is different.

Workday uses the cloud to provide organizations with a feature-rich system that streamlines essential business processes. Every Workday customer works from the most recent version, ensuring a baseline consistency across all systems. What sets each apart are the features that are enabled. A deployment partner helping you adopt Workday doesn’t create a full system from scratch but rather assesses what features you need and configures accordingly. What you end up with is a pre-built system that has all the functional value of a built-to-order system. The process requires significantly less time and costs significantly less.

An extra benefit comes with using a Workday service partner for your deployment. Services in Workday aren’t delivered according to the rules of traditional BPO. They’re delivered through a model known within the industry as Business Process as a Service (BPaaS). With BPaaS, your Workday services are delivered within your Workday application by a team familiar with your needs. And as your needs change, your service partner can help you deploy additional features without reinventing the wheel.