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Apr 24, 2017Consulting & Deployment

Organizational Change Management – 3 Keys to Success

Organizational Change Management – 3 Keys to Success

As with any large project, Workday implementation requires careful preparation and communication. That’s why many organizations collaborate with a change management consulting partner to help them not only create a change management communication plan and effective training materials, but to also help them identify potential obstacles that might stand in the way of sustained Workday adoption.

An efficient and effective Workday change management project requires more than a highly experienced consulting team, though. Your organization also has to be aligned from top to bottom. Our Strategic Consulting infographic includes some great stats on the challenges, opportunities and decision-making factors that organizations face when managing organizational change and transformation. Here are three key elements that are essential for an effective change management consulting project.

Successful Organizational Change Starts With Senior Management

Smart leaders know how important it is for their people to be equipped with the best tools and technology available. Within the realm of HR, this means moving away from cumbersome legacy solutions and lift-and-shift outsourcing and towards a cloud-based SaaS solution like Workday. Leaving behind these dated solutions for good starts with leaders who are committed to equipping their HR department with the technology they need to streamline their business processes and become a more strategic part of the organization.

Support From Your IT Department Is Also Vital

Your IT department will play an essential role all throughout your organization’s Workday deployment. That’s why they also need to be closely involved in the initial strategizing that will occur as your organizational change management partner conducts a readiness assessment and prepares a careful recommendation. Incorporating IT into every phase of the process will ensure that they’re prepared for the project, and that any important concerns are addressed.

To Prevent Resistance, Make Sure Your Entire Team Is Adequately Prepared

Because your entire organization is adopting Workday, it’s not enough to just focus on senior leadership and IT. Through a readiness assessment, your change management partner will help you create a strategy to increase your chances for a successful Workday adoption organization-wide. Beyond this, an organizational change management partner that provides optimized training materials—materials that, in other words, are designed specifically around your own Workday application—will do even more to help you overcome internal resistance and enjoy a successful adoption.

Having an experienced change management team by your side as you prepare to deploy Workday is essential. But an experienced team by itself isn’t enough. To learn more about how to successfully take your organization from scattered to streamlined, take a look at our Strategic Consulting infographic.