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Aug 23, 2017Consulting & Deployment

Managing Open Enrollment: 3 Reasons it Pays to Partner

Managing Open Enrollment: 3 Reasons it Pays to Partner

Once August hits, the rest of the year can feel like a blur if you’re not careful. But for many organizations, there’s an important deadline on the horizon that your team should already be thinking about and planning for—your open enrollment deadline.

Hitting your benefits enrollment deadline is vital for ensuring that your employees don’t experience any complications with their benefits. After all, no one wants to be told there’s a problem with their health insurance when they’re standing in their doctor’s waiting room.

Open Enrollment is an HR Headache

The work associated with open enrollment is time consuming. Rates for existing plans have to be updated, while for those switching to a new provider, integrations will have to be built, tested and managed—and all well before your open enrollment to ensure your employees have a seamless, satisfying experience.

Learning how to handle the increased workload associated with open enrollment is a challenge every company has to face, and one solution is to lean on a Workday Application Management Services (AMS) partner—and the sooner the better.

Three Reasons It Pays to Partner with an Expert

During your open enrollment period, an experienced AMS partner can help you:

  1. Build, update and test new integrations for customers who will be receiving their benefits from a new provider
  2. Update and test the business processes surrounding the open enrollment process
  3. Update and test the latest Workday release(s) to ensure it won’t negatively affect the open enrollment process for your employees.

By engaging a knowledgeable AMS partner during high volume periods like open enrollment, you have at your disposal a team of certified resources to help you streamline essential processes and meet important regulatory requirements, all according to today’s best practices. And with the time you save, you have the freedom to work on strategic, value-added projects that will help deliver a better experience for your employees.