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Jul 24, 2017Consulting & Deployment

How Do You Measure Implementation Success?

How Do You Measure Implementation Success?

Preparing to Implement Workday? Decide What Success Will Look Like Before You Start, Not After

What makes an organization’s Workday implementation successful?

For many people, two obvious metrics will come to mind immediately: completing your deployment on time and on budget.

But these aren’t the only metrics to consider. And as important as they both are, neither one is really the most important.

That might sound counterintuitive, but consider this: You could go live on Workday with plenty of time to spare, and you could come in well under budget, but if your people aren’t using it, are you really seeing a return on your investment?

A Successful Workday Deployment Will Look Different for Everyone

Not every organization is going to use Workday the same way. For that reason, you can’t measure success the same way across the board. You have to decide early on—before you even kick off your deployment—what success will look like for your organization.

That requires having a clear vision and some guiding principles in place. When you know how you want your people to use Workday before you go live, you have something concrete to measure against later on.

But besides this, having a clear vision and some guiding principles will also help you with those more obvious goals of going live on time and on budget.

A deployment that isn’t tied to some very specific goals or principles, though, runs the risk of going long, going over budget and failing to reach the user adoption rates that will give you a true return on your Workday investment.

Is Your Workday Partner Committed to Helping You Prepare for Your Future?

Completing your Workday deployment on time and on budget are obviously important. But if these are your only metrics for success, your deployment may not be as successful as it could be.

Before choosing a Workday partner to help you deploy and service Workday, make sure they’re committed to first helping you determine what a successful Workday implementation will ultimately look like for your organization.