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Feb 08, 2018Consulting & Deployment

Guided by Values - Deploying Workday with a Co-Pilot You Trust

Guided by Values - Deploying Workday with a Co-Pilot You Trust

When you're going somewhere you've never been, it helps to have an experienced co-pilot by your side. That, in a nutshell, is what an engagement manager is for organizations that are preparing to deploy Workday. And when choosing both your deployment partner and your own internal deployment team for the project, you want to make sure the people you invite to the table have the expertise necessary to help you achieve your desired business outcomes.

Expertise is especially important when it comes to certain deployment landmarks like workbook deliverables, training, testing, knowledge transfer, successful change management practices and post-production support. An experienced Workday deployment partner will be equipped to guide organizations through each one to prevent them from leaving the path to a successful deployment.


But expertise isn't the only yardstick to be mindful of when looking for a Workday implementation partner. It's just as important to know what a potential partner values, because what they value will tell you what kind of service provider they're striving to become.

OneSource Virtual is guided by 10 core values that are reiterated again and again at each of our offices and to all of our remote employees. They are:

  • Unquestioned Integrity
  • We are a Team
  • We Value Humility…No Ego Trips Allowed
  • Innovation Is the Rule
  • You Are Empowered to Fix What's Broken
  • Everyone Is Accountable to Our Values
  • We Have Fun!
  • Seek the Best for Others
  • Transparency
  • Exceptional Is Always the Goal

These values form the core of who we want to be as a company, and with regard to how we interact with customers, two in particular stand out: unquestioned integrity and transparency. They are integral for building trust between a new customer and their engagement manager. The transition of ownership from deployment partner to customer is a worrisome time. Because of this, building trust with the customer early, and never letting it break, is essential.


When business leaders finally experience the self-service features and real-time data available through Workday, they see that its value exceeds their expectations. But arriving at that destination takes a combination of experience and servant leadership. When engagement leaders display unquestioned integrity and transparency, they build the trust that's necessary to function as effective co-pilots.