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Feb 28, 2013Consulting & Deployment

Engaging Managers in the Change Management Process

Engaging Managers in the Change Management Process

Steve Carrell is famous for his portrayal of Michael Scott, the bumbling regional manager on _The Office_. His constant pursuit of a happy yet profitable workplace endeared him to his employees.  Whether creating a Café Disco to help employees loosen up or interjecting his trademark “That’s what she said” at inopportune moments, no one doubted that Michael Scott loved his job and his employees. It is that devotion to the company and the individuals who work for the company that makes managers a critical element to success, especially in the realm of Change Management.

Change Management is the process of transitioning from one method of conducting business to another.  In order for change to be successful, the employees must be engaged in the transition and embrace it.   A transition, especially one that involves new technology, will not be successful if it is imposed upon employees.  They want to know that they will personally benefit from the new situation.  As the direct connection between executives and employees, the manager is the perfect choice to interpret, communicate and enable change.  

Managers have direct access to both executives and employees and are consequently in a unique position to champion change. When executives introduce a new concept, managers can ask the right questions regarding the benefits to the employees.  They know what employees will embrace and what they need for success. They understand that employees want to feel valued as individuals.

The key to successful change is communicating early and often.  Managers will be instrumental to the communication plan. While executives should ensure that they are communicating directly with employees, they should utilize managers to reinforce the message. Employees will be more amenable to change if they have the necessary information to adapt. They will have ample opportunity to ask questions and explore the transition.  Managers are essential to the process of enabling employees to embrace change.  They understand individual strengths and motivations. When managers embrace change, they set the tone for the organization to embrace the change as well.

At OneSource Virtual, our Change Management strategies are industry-leading and include a high level of management interaction. Contact us to find out how we can smooth your transition.  “That’s what she said!”