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May 01, 2017Consulting & Deployment

Do You Need an Internal PM for a Workday LDP Implementation? Yes and No.

Do You Need an Internal PM for a Workday LDP Implementation?

You built the business case, vetted your options and decided to roll out Workday as your company’s HCM and Finance solution. Congratulations! Now the real work begins.

Are you going to go it alone? Probably not. You’re not simply installing software. You’re transforming your business. The key knowledge transfer that takes place during the Workday deployment life cycle needs to stay within your team well after the successful project completion party wraps up.

Should you go with a third-party project management contractor?

Your deployment partner will project manage your Workday implementation, but you’ll also need someone on your team to coordinate internal team efforts and facilitate decision-making. Your people already have busy day jobs, and you don’t have anyone on your team with “Project Manager” in their title.

Ideally, this project coordinator is a trusted thought leader in your company who is able to influence decision-makers and deeply understands your business processes and data. This is a roughly 20-hour per week role during the life of the project. PM contractors will try to convince you this is a full time job. It’s not. And it’s too important to contract out to a PM contractor who will move on; not to mention the incremental expense you don’t need.

Projects are hard. Transformations are even harder. Selecting both the right Workday implementation partner and the right internal project team are vitally important decisions to the certainty of execution of your project.