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Jun 22, 2017Consulting & Deployment

Deploying with the Future in Mind: Is Your Workday Implementation Partner Also a Trusted Service Partner?

Deploying with the Future in Mind

Choosing to implement Workday is a big decision, but so is choosing the right implementation partner. As you think about who you want to bring to the table, ask yourself this question: If you’re planning to receive ongoing services and support after your deployment, why not choose one partner to help you with both? Below are three compelling reasons for choosing one partner to help you with your Workday implementation and ongoing Workday services.

A Partner That Deploys and Services Workday Has Different Priorities

A Workday implementation partner that’s focused solely on helping you reach your go-live date isn’t thinking far beyond that one project deadline, and they certainly aren’t thinking about how your business might want to use Workday years down the road. They’re doing what you hired them to do—implement Workday.

But a partner that will continue servicing your suite of Workday applications after you go live is different. This partner isn’t focused solely on getting you up and running; they have one eye on your go-live date, and another on your company’s long term goals. They’re deploying, in other words, with your future—and their own—top of mind.

The Service Leads Will Play an Active Role in the Implementation Process

A partner that deploys and services Workday should also bring members from the appropriate service departments into the implementation process, because it’s not just your Workday deployment that takes time. Configuring each service is also a process, and starting it during your implementation will make the hand-off from deployment to ongoing service much smoother. Including members from other departments will also given them added insight into how your company is planning to use Workday to achieve its goals.

Choosing Different Partners Will Create Unnecessary Headaches for Everyone

The third reason for choosing a single partner for deployment and ongoing services is simple. It’s less stressful. If you’re familiar with the expression, “Too many cooks in the kitchen,” you understand the dilemma posed by having one partner for your Workday deployment and a second partner for ongoing services. When you limit yourself to just one partner, the entire process is simpler for everyone involved.

This is also true after your implementation is complete. Because the team providing your ongoing service is part of the organization responsible for your deployment, they will know more about your specific configuration. And if you have a question they can’t answer, they can always refer back to the team that implemented Workday for you. But when you rely on two partners—one for your Workday deployment and another for ongoing service—it’s not easy to get those kinds of detailed answers.

Deploying Workday Is Only the Beginning

When choosing a partner to help you with your Workday implementation, experience with Workday deployments isn’t the only qualification to consider. If you’re planning to receive ongoing service for your suite of Workday applications, choosing a partner that is also a trusted service partner will help you set the stage for a smoother deployment, with a partner that has a greater understanding of your company’s goals and how it will use Workday over time.