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Oct 16, 2017Consulting & Deployment

Cross the Finish Line with Confidence

3 Ways Your Workday Deployment Partner Can Help You With Testing

Deploying Workday with an experienced service partner is a collaborative journey that requires both sides to bring their best resources to the table to help you reach your go-live date.

Seeing that date inch closer over time can be exciting, not to mention a relief. But before you can cross the finish line and finally declare victory, there’s one more thing you and your partner have to do—you have to test everything.

For someone new to Workday, this final hurdle may feel daunting. But a deployment partner that has been through testing time after time with other customers brings a wealth of experience to the process, freeing your team to focus on being ready for day one.

Below are three ways your deployment partner can help you with your Workday testing.

Test Planning

Testing Workday isn’t like cannonballing into a pool. The entire process has to be approached thoughtfully and strategically. An experienced partner can help you lay the groundwork for a successful test by defining all the different timelines and scenarios for each test cycle.

Test Execution

Once the planning phase is complete, the actual work of testing your Workday suite can begin. During this time, your Workday deployment partner can help your own resources manage their expectations and free them to focus on Workday training and preparedness.

Test Resolution

Once all necessary tests have been run, your deployment partner can help you understand the results and prioritize what comes next, including any fixes or retests, until the entire process is complete.

Testing Workday is a process, just like everything else in your deployment. If your organization is new to Workday, having a partner with comprehensive experience can make the road ahead feel more certain while giving your team more time to prepare for the day when your Workday suite is finally up and running.