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Nov 05, 2013Consulting & Deployment

Change Management to the Rescue

Change Management to the Rescue

Does Thor need his hammer? Does Captain America need his shield? Does your company need Change Management? The answer to all of the above is a resounding “YES!!”  Superheroes and their tools are inseparable; so too should companies and Change Management strategies be undividable. A strong Change Management strategy offers SUPER benefits to both the organization and its employees. 

An organization that has implemented a Change Management strategy is positioned for success. Preparing for change and implementing best practices reduces the risk of unexpected challenges.  There will be less disruption to customers and employees as the entire organization is prepared for a transition. Financially, a Change Management strategy can provide added value to a project. A recent study by McKinsey and Company found that when a company had no Change Management or a poor Change Management plan, they achieved only 35% of the expected value from a project. Conversely, when a company employed a strong Change Management strategy, they gained an average of 143% of expected returns. (McKinsey Quarterly, 2002)

Employees will also benefit from a strong Change Management strategy. Providing information regarding change will empower and help employees adjust quickly.  Instituting a communication plan will minimize challenges as workers can ask questions and prepare for the change. Giving employees the tools to adapt will not only make them confident in their ability to handle change but will also show them that they are valued members of the team.  A team must be able to overcome conflict and have the full cooperation of the all members to succeed.  A strong Change Management strategy leads to a strong team.

The benefits of a solid Change Management program are far-reaching. The organization, the employees and the customers will all benefit when a company is well-positioned for change. Grab your armor and shield and become a SUPERHERO.  

At OneSource Virtual, our Change Management team can help your organization gain the tools to become a SUPERHERO!