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Sep 30, 2013Consulting & Deployment

Change Management is not a One Night Stand

Change Management is not a One Night Stand

The first touch creates a spark of electricity.  The kiss is so hot that your toes curl. It is an experience driven by passion that ends as suddenly as it begins. A one night stand is an in-the-moment experience that lacks substance and depth.  Unless you are Charlie Harper or Barney Stinson, it will not meet your intimacy needs.  Similarly, organizations may become enthralled with quick fixes instead of long term solutions. This approach will not satisfy your business needs any more than a one night stand will satisfy your emotional needs.  Your approach to change should not be the equivalent of a casual fling.  Change Management is a long term relationship defined by substance. 

Every organization should have a Change Management strategy. This strategy involves an understanding of your corporate culture, including the different audiences within your organization and how those audiences learn best. You can then apply this strategy to every change. New technologies can be introduced as well as internal reorganizations through a comprehensive Change Management campaign. 

Change Management marries business decisions to the human element of employees. It understands that there is an emotional component to every action. New technology, in particular, can seem impersonal and therefore requires a strong campaign. A Change Management strategy can personalize a technology transition by embracing employees and educating them on the benefits of the transition.

Change Management is often viewed as a one night stand because it focuses on a distinct transition. In reality, Change Management is the relationship you want to share with your mom. Its success is in the long term and the planning, not the one and done quick fix. Engage Change Management and you will satisfy the needs of your entire organization!

At OneSource Virtual, our Change Management team knows how to build a long term relationship. We satisfy your emotional needs!