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May 21, 2019Consulting & Deployment

Absolut Partners: How Pernod Ricard Is Using Workday and OSV to Enhance Their Competitive Advantage

Absolut Partners: How Pernod Ricard Is Using Workday and OSV

Most companies, including global companies, rely on a centralized payroll system. And there are some very compelling reasons for doing this. It’s cost efficient, for one thing, and can reduce the potential for errors since there is only one payroll team instead of multiple payroll teams.

But for a company like Pernod Ricard, a decentralized payroll system has been extremely beneficial.

With a presence in over 86 countries, Pernod Ricard is one of the world’s leading sellers of wine and spirits, with an impressive portfolio containing brands like Jameson, Absolut Vodka, Kahlúa, Seagram’s and Malibu Rum.

“Being decentralized gives us a competitive advantage,” says Marc Andre, vice president of information technology solutions for Pernod Ricard North America. And when you consider the regional identities of many of their brands, this makes perfect sense. But broadly speaking, a decentralized payroll system carries benefits for employees as well.

The Benefits of Decentralized Payroll

We’ve written before that payroll has an important role to play in creating a good employee experience. And having a decentralized payroll system can contribute to that, because each payroll team is closer to the employees they serve, allowing them to provide more responsive service. A decentralized payroll system can also make it easier to maintain employee records for each location. Rather than having to send important changes to a central payroll department, each office can manage those changes themselves.

And crucially, a decentralized payroll system will insulate employees in the rare event that there is a problem getting payroll out on time. Under a centralized system, every employee would be affected. With a decentralized system, the consequences are much more limited.

Workday—Pernod Ricard’s New Payroll System of Choice

While Pernod Ricard’s decentralized approach to payroll has been a competitive advantage for them, in 2018 they were in the position of needing to find a new payroll solution for their North American operations. The one they were using didn’t provide them with the insights they needed to operate efficiently and strategically.

After extensive research, it was clear Workday was the best option for them. From there, it was a natural next step to choose OneSource Virtual as their payroll implementation partner.

“We needed somebody who had a track record of implementing payroll in Canada and in the U.S.,” Andre says. “The other complexity was that, shortly after we chose Workday, Pernod Ricard launched a project to implement a global HR system. It was important to choose someone who also had global experience. OneSource Virtual was the company to do that.”

Besides having a track record of implementing Workday and offering comprehensive payroll processing services for the U.S. and Canada, OneSource Virtual also had competitive pricing and a superior approach to customer service.

“They were the best choice from a technical and business standpoint,” Andre says.

But choosing OneSource Virtual as their implementation partner was just the beginning of Pernod Ricard North America’s journey towards a new payroll solution. For the full story, including what the future holds for them post-go live, download the full case study from our website.