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Jun 27, 2017Consulting & Deployment

A People-Driven Approach to Workday Deployments

A People-Driven Approach to Workday Deployments

There’s more to deploying Workday than just flipping a switch or installing a piece of software. You’re beginning a collaborative journey that is as much as about people as it is about the technology solution.

Which people?

Your people, first and foremost, but also the people who will be on the other side of the table working with you to implement and service Workday.

Building a strong relationship with your Workday consultant and learning how to work together through thick and thin will be essential. But just as important? Finding a partner that shares this same mindset. It may be true that opposites attract, but not when you’re deploying Workday.

Is Your Workday Deployment Partner Thinking About Personality and Company Culture?

When you get on a plane, who do you want sitting next to you? Your answer to that question will depend a lot on your own personality. Maybe you’d prefer a talker, someone as eager for a long conversation as you are, or maybe you’d just like to be left alone with your book or your iPad.

Unfortunately, the airliner flying you to your destination can’t afford to consider the personalities of everyone on the plane. But the same shouldn’t be true of your Workday deployment partner. When they’re assembling their team, are they purposefully looking for people who are going to mesh with yours? Are they thinking about personality and work habits and company culture? If they’re not, they may be unconsciously setting the stage for conflict down the road.

Is Your Deployment Partner Speaking a Language You Understand?

As intuitive as Workday’s interface is, there’s still a learning curve, especially if your organization is moving away from an HRIS that’s been in place for years.

Is your Workday deployment partner sensitive to this, or does it seem like they’re speaking a foreign language?

Sometimes immersing yourself in another culture is the best way to learn a new language, but it still helps to have a guide who can translate words you don’t understand into words that you do.

Building a team that works cohesively with yours isn’t the only way a good implementation partner can head off conflict. Being sensitive to your team’s learning curve and offering optimized change management services is another way.

What Drives Your Business? Is It People or Technology?

While technology is doing more and more of the heavy lifting in both business and daily life, people drive technology, not the other way around. Have you found a Workday implementation partner that values relationships as much as you do?

Learn more about the importance of considering human factors involved in implementing your HCM, Payroll and Financial Management applications by downloading our guide to successful Workday Deployments.