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Jun 05, 2017Consulting & Deployment

5 Things to Do Before Implementing Workday

5 Things to Do Before Implementing Workday

If you’ve just spent several months evaluating one HCM application after another, it can be a relief to finally chose Workday. But deciding on an HCM solution is just the first step in what is often referred to on daytime television as “a journey of discovery.”

Before you’re ready to sit down with your deployment partner to craft a Workday implementation project plan, there are some things you, and other members of your organization, will need to do to pave the way for a successful deployment.

That’s right. There’s some more homework to be done. But don’t worry. We’re providing a syllabus.

Make the Hard Decisions

With any large-scale HRIS implementation, it helps if you begin with the end in mind. It starts off easy. How is your organization going to use Workday? How will your employees benefit from it? But then you get to some of the more difficult questions. What pain points do you experience as an organization? What obstacles could you run into as the implementation moves forward? Is Gary going to be involved? I hope not. Everything Gary comes within a 60-foot radius of immediately turns into a garbage fire. But that’s just Gary.

You know your business, and you know where it needs extra attention and care. Make sure your Workday deployment partner knows what they should be aware of and warn them of areas where things might get choppy. This will help them plan accordingly and navigate carefully.

Know Your Data and Where to Find It

Knowing how your data is formatted, configured and stored is vital. Your deployment partner is relying on you to provide this information in the planning phase. If it’s not available, or can’t be found, that will increase the effort, time and, you guessed it, cost of implementing Workday, creating avoidable headaches for both you and your Workday implementation partner.

Read Your Statement of Work, Then Read It Again

The statement of work isn’t just an agreement between you and your Workday partner. It includes a detailed list of each party’s roles and responsibilities. You’d be surprised how many people don’t read their S.O.W. Or maybe you wouldn’t. But it actually benefits everyone if your internal deployment team and key stakeholders are familiar with the statement of work. Having a full understanding of the agreement and what your organization is responsible for, helps you become more informed and actively invested in the success of your Workday deployment.

Prepare to Own Your Part of the Deployment

As we mentioned, reading your statement of work will help you understand what your team is responsible for, but there’s more to owning your part of the deployment than this. Making sure your team isn’t overwhelmed by other responsibilities is also important. Hiring temporary workers to take over everyday tasks or launching your Workday deployment to coincide with a period of downtime where key personnel are in the office and available can make a world of difference.

Make Time for Training

While Workday is easy to navigate, moving from one technology to another still comes with a learning curve. Before your organization is too far down the deployment trail, your people will need to spend some time learning how to use it. Workday offers training materials to help with this, while some deployment partners also offer more customizable organizational change management services.

Preparing for a Workday Implementation Is a Process, Just Like the Implementation Itself

Taking these steps before you sit down with your Workday implementation partner will prepare you for a successful Workday deployment, and help you avoid speed traps and unpaved paths that can come along further down the road.

Oh, and did we mention you should read your Statement of Work? Seriously, this blog’s original draft was called 3 Letters in the Title of the Document You Need to Read Before Implementing Workday: S.O.W.